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Shoutout to Leah & Nick

This show is the highlight of my Mondays, such a great way to start the week. I love the banter between the hosts and the wealth of everyday, practical etiquette that I learn. This is the first podcast for which I became a Patreon sponsor.

Love this podcast!

Entertaining and fun.

So informative! So funny!

These two are an absolute delight. I listen to new episodes as soon as they become available, and the banter never fails to brighten my day. This podcast balances out all the angst in our current world.

Absolutely lovely.

I’d write you a handwritten review if I could! But in all seriousness, oh thank goodness—these are my people. Nick and Leah are a delight. The show is amusing and informative. You’ll learn something and you’ll laugh.


Just found this and it is just great, thanks for making me laugh but also, helping me answer some of the questions I also have!

Were You Raised by Wolves

A delightful mix of fun, information, humor, and grace. This podcast is TOTALLY binge-worthy. Never a dull moment. Do yourself a favor and subscribe.

If only everyone would listen to this podcast…

…then our world could be a kinder, saner, more joyful place! I have recommended this gem to family and friends. The hosts are delightful and have such a clear- eyed way of analyzing life’s small ( and not so small) dilemmas, and coming to a resolution that takes everyone’s feelings and dignity into consideration. They make it all seem easy! Kinda like Ginger dancing backwards in heels. Bravo and thanks!

So fun and so much to learn!

This is such a fun podcast to listen to. I love hearing what Nick and Leah have to say about all sorts of situations that listeners ask about. In order for me to really like a podcast, it has to have great back-and-forth and some humor - which this one definitely does! Definitely one of my favorite podcasts!

Informative and Entertaining!

Worried that someone is wondering if you “were raised by wolves”? Hosts Nick and Leah help us to navigate everyday situations that are filled with possible faux pas. This is not the 1950’s but manners are manners! Today it seems people with manners are far and few between. This show is a must! Nick and Leah are energetic, knowledgeable, and informative hosts. Their banter keeps the show upbeat and fun.

My favorite podcast

This show is a true delight. I find myself cheering at Nick’s impeccably good manners, watching my mood elevate via Leah’s effervescent optimism and marveling at both hosts’ unique and incredibly helpful solutions to listeners’ difficult conundrums. Add this show to your subscription list, stat. Your new best friends are here to guide you through the nebulous paths of life’s sticky and unavoidable social interactions.

Unending topics

Wow, the questions that come up - behavior is an interesting beast. Listen to this podcast to learn - and to laugh. Warm and wonderful hosts.

Truly delightful!

Honestly the most underrated show in the past 5 years. Tell your friends, tell your fam, tell the bodega owner, tell the random person on the street that you are holding the door open for — this show is for everyone!

Whimsical! Delightful! Laugh out loud!

I love Nick and Leah! Their rapport is effortless, playful and hilarious! Listeners will be transported through a magical world of diverting trivia, shocking social crimes and tiny partisan cake forks! I’m in love 😍

Fun & educational!

If you like etiquette, humor, and kindness, this is the podcast for you!


Sweet hosts. Entertaining, engaging & educational 🤓👍👍

Hi I love this

Hi! Me and my mom found this podcast and absolutely love it! I also have a question: There’s some one in my class who ALWAYS is counting VERY LOUDLY during a test. Is there a kind way to address this? Thanks!

So fun and brilliant!

Nick and Lea give great advice. They make me smile on a dreary day or laugh out loud any day! Not to be missed!

My Favorite Show!

I love this show so much!

Prepare to cackle with glee

This show is such a delight and a bright spot in my week! Leah and Nick are so personable, witty, and kind (with just the right amount of snark) and their advice is ever so gratifying. Thank you thank you thank you for what you do!

I am in love with Nick and Leah!

This show is SO delightful. I just marathoned all the episodes and CANNOT WAIT for the next one. More, please!! (I'll write you a hand-written thank you note!) Truly a great show!!

Just a delight!

I don’t even remember how I came across this show, but it is a delight in my weekly schedule! I also look forward to the playful banter and wit and I always leave with lots to ponder. I love that it is so lighthearted - a great palate cleanser to the normal news and true crime podcasts I listen to. Well done, Nick and Leah!

This show is the best!

I LOVE this podcast so much! I love listening to Nick and Leah talk about the horrific etiquette crimes committed around the world. They always manage to make me laugh. Me and my mom listen to this podcast while we cook and I enjoy it so much.

Absolutely Love This Podcast!!!!

I stumbled on to this podcast by accident and absolutley love it!!! Nick and Leah are so funny and I've found myself saying "so rude"! I've learned so much and never thought I would enjoy a show on etiquette but I can not emphasize how much I love this show. I am almost through all the back episodes and don't know what I am going to listen to once I'm caught up! If you're on the fence definitely give this a listen!

Adorable and lovely!

Thank you for the amazing tips and comedy! You two are so sweet and funny, and just so comforting to listen to! Thank you😀😀😀

Amazing podcast

Thank you, you two help make life a little easier and lighter 😍

A Breath of Fresh Air!

Nick and Leah are so lovely to listen to in this crazy world! Anytime I can learn something AND laugh, I am in! Not only do they dispense excellent advice (and amuse-bouche), but if you ask a question, Nick replies promptly and kindly! They have raised the bar for my own behavior which is really they only thing I can control. Keep up the great work!

So helpful and so much fun!

Nick and Leah are great at balancing ranting with good spirits. They get our frustrations about how rude people can be, but they also share solutions and do so without increasing negativity. They make me aspire to be more positive and I couldn’t be more grateful for this podcast.

Cakes, Caviar, Christmas Tips

Advice so random, kind and funny you will love this show. Leah and Nick are bright stars in my week. I love the gentleness and eloquence of their replies to listener questions. Every minute brings a lightness to your day - some favorites are deep dives into etiquette topics (how to eat caviar, pot champagne and tip your waste service deliverer - I’m with team Leah and run out at 6 am in my pj’s but Nick had a more dignified suggestion). Dive in and vent, lament and perhaps repent along with these two - you will love their wit and warmth.

The podcast we need right now!

This is my new favorite show. It hits the double whammy of being entertaining while also improving society. I had lost hope that manners matter anymore, but Nick and Leigh are keeing my hope alive. I always learn something new in each episode, especially while listening in LA traffic. Thank you for this.


This podcast has helped me so much with my social skills and finding ways to be polite while maintaining my boundaries. I wish someone had taught me these things growing up. Thank you deeply for that.