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Helped me through stressful times!

First of all, I love etiquette, so, of course I love this podcast. However, the last 8 months have been the hardest of my life! We’ve lost two family members in that time and there were many sleepless nights in hospital rooms (because I believe no one seriously ill should be alone in a hospital overnight). To ease my racing mind, I thought to use earphones and listen to … something! I subscribe to several podcasts but when it came right down to it: I always listened to Were You Raised By Wolves. I love the subject matter but I NEEDED the tone. It’s like sitting beside your best friends and everything is positive; it made me chuckle; and it really soothed me! Thank you for getting me through really tough sleepless nights! I’ll keep listening in good times too!

The Epitome of Etiquette

This podcast is one of the highlights of my week. Nick's sharp wit and Leah's entertaining humor are the ultimate pair for a magnificent 30 minutes of my day. Big thanks to Nick and Leah for making this world a more polite and kind place. I would highly recommend this podcast to anyone who enjoys happiness, laughter, and anything good in this world. I hope everyone will follow Nick and Leah's example as we quest for world peace.

My favorite podcast

This podcast is the bright spot to my Mondays. Nick and Leah are the best!

Etiquette fun

I’m the clean of etiquette. It hurts me that nobody knows how to set a table anymore, do they hold their wine glasses in the wrong hand it cocktail parties, that in this age of viruses they actually want to shake my hand at all without anyone would ask me to takeoff my shoes at a wedding. In Your house, certainly, unless it’s filthy. But not in a public space. This podcast addresses the regular and a weird and I wish I thought of it myself

Upbeat, fun, funny and informative

I’ve learnt so much about culture and people from Nick and Leah. I now have a tonne of material to ‘repent’ (oops!) and an outlet of likeminded folks to ‘rant’ with. Please take this review as my thank you note for a great podcast! Love you guys =D

Can’t recommend highly enough!!

This is my all-time favorite podcast (and prior to this, I exclusively listened to cooking and true crime podcasts). It is everything you want and more - it’s funny, if’s engaging, it’s helpful, it’s historical, it’s just perfect. Nick and Leah are great hosts and their banter is so fun - I truly look forward to it every Monday. And they advice has come in handy in countless situations. And to top it all off, they really practice what they preach. I submitted a “vent” recently and I received a personal response back - so nice!! If you’re reading this and considering listening, just go listen! You will not regret it!

Fantastic commentary on modern etiquette!

If you want a fun and relatable podcast to help you navigate our current world, this is for you! Nick and Leah have a great intuition about modern day etiquette and I truly trust their opinions. They also have fun segments I look forward to like Vent or Repent! I love that they do a thorough job structuring each episode with various segments instead of a disorganized, endless conversation that gets off topic. I often find myself talking to them in my car and offering my own interjections, haha!

Funny and informative

The hosts bring humor and a fresh take on etiquette on this show. I love their energy, trivia, and fun non-examples. This is an etiquette show that doesn’t take itself too seriously, but still provides helpful advice!

Love it!

Like the rest have said, informative, funny and helpful! I've learned something from every episode, be it an explanation of how some etiquette's began or how to handle certain situations. But most of all- a reminder on how to co exist and keep things moving along nicely on this planets where sometimes that can be a challenge.


I love their banter, its very entertaining and informative. Thanks for all you both do and continue to do!

Fun and educational

I’ve learned so much from these episodes, plus you guys make it so funny! I’ve learned tone is important when being polite. Thank you 🙏🏻

Great podcast!!

I’ve found answers to so many questions via this podcast.. and the presenters make this fun and interesting to listen to. Thank you!

Love Mondays

This show makes me look forward to a day people usually loath. Can’t wait for each new episode every Monday while I walk my 4 miles.

You need this in your life!

Witty, informative, funny, engaging, and addictive. A balm for the soul, this podcast has it all. Etiquette has never been so entertaining. I binged all of the previous episodes in about 4 days and I impatiently wait for each new episode on Monday. The amuse bouche always teaches me something new, and when I hear the questions from people all over the world, I feel connected to total strangers by our common desire for people to do the right thing and be considerate of others. Nick and Leah have created an online etiquette family that I feel honored to be a part of. I have told everyone I know that they simply MUST listen to "Were You Raised By Wolves?" if they want joy in their lives. "I don't care for this" has become my favorite saying. Every time Leah says "who are these people?" or "what's happening right now!?" I feel like she's in my brain. Thank you, Nick and Leah, for giving me one perfect thing in my life and something wonderful to look forward to every Monday. This podcast is my happy place and Nick and Leah are my people.

Must listen

Wow! I binged the whole series in about 3 weeks. No one makes etiquette more entertaining or engaging than Nick & Leah

A must listen

Society seems to be getting out of control ruder. However, for those who want to know how to act properly in various situations, this is undoubtedly the best.

What a joy these two are!

I started listening to WYRBW on a recommendation from another podcast. The title was intriguing and the recommender made it sound fun. And they weren’t wrong! I love listening to these two. They deal in unsavory situations with panache and kindness. Thank you thank you!!

Sweet, fun, polite!

Enjoying this so much! You too are just precious! And as someone who volunteered for a dog/cat rescue for 15 years and fostered many dogs, thank you Leah for adopting!

Sweet, fun, polite!

Enjoying this so much!

If only everyone would listen to this podcast…

…then our world could be a kinder, saner, more joyful place! I have recommended this gem to family and friends. The hosts are delightful and have such a clear- eyed way of analyzing life’s small ( and not so small) dilemmas, and coming to a resolution that takes everyone’s feelings and dignity into consideration. They make it all seem easy! Kinda like Ginger dancing backwards in heels. Bravo and thanks!

Informative, funny, and polite.

Did you ever think etiquette lessons could be fun and entertaining as well as educational? It can! Nick and Leah make them so.

Yay Mondays!

This podcast makes waking up on Mondays easy! The camaraderie between Leah and Nick is palpable and charming. I always laugh and learn! This is truly one of my faves (and I listen to a lot of podcasts)! So happy to have this in my life! 🤓

Love this podcast!

Just when I thought I knew all there was to know about etiquette, I found this wonderful podcast. The real-life questions & situations pertain to us all & the hosts complement each other in their responses. I love that they don’t always agree - as that’s real life! I recently sent a question /dilemma to them & I hope it’s read on the air. This podcast is a must for all ages.

Like listening to friends

Nick and Leah have great chemistry while sharing etiquette information in an interesting and entertaining way. I’ve re-listened to episodes and enjoyed their conversations again. I wish I had a question for them so I could get their input.

How to Adult

Nick and Leah are amazing! I love how they teach you the proper way to handle awkward situations. They’re funny and keep it light and modern. I recommend it to everyone!


Sweet hosts (with melodious voices btw). Entertaining, engaging & educational 🤓👍👍

How rude of this etiquette podcast to be SO captivating!

Thanks to the exceedingly infectious charm of Nick & Leah, I am less well-rested, because since discovering their podcast, I ended up bingeing the episodes so quickly, that I have finished the entire WYRBW catalogue in a matter of weeks. The delight that brought me was then replaced by sadness at having to wait a week for new episodes, so of course I’m now a Patreon, going through all of those back posts. [And by the way, if you’re not already a WYRBW Patreon, getting to see the visual of Leah’s endearing howling is worth the price of admission on its own.] So be warned: this podcast is super informative [in a fun, Schoolhouse Rocks kind of way, not in a boring way] and hilarious [you are going to want to be brunch buddies with Nick & Leah], but it is also highly addictive.

I love the heck out of this podcast! Nick and Leah keep me laughing for miles of driving, and I learn something useful from every episode. Highly recommend!

My new favorite podcast!

Love the hosts entertaining yet informative take on etiquette questions submitted by listeners. When so much of the world seems to relish people behaving badly, we can at least make the choice to make it a nicer place to be by being polite!

My Favorite Podcast!!!

I came upon this podcast as I was looking for some entertaining podcasts while my husband and I were on a long road trip. We both absolutely love listening to the advice and the hosts. This podcast informs and entertains at the same time. Often there are some laughs out loud!!! I wish I could meet and have lunch with Nick and Leah as they are just endearing! They really try to make the world a better place by simply promoting good manners. You need to listen to this podcast to understand how we can all make kindness and consideration an easy priority. I highly recommend this podcast to everyone!!