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Funny and informative!

I absolutely love Nick and Leah! Their ability to guide listeners through etiquette while providing a bit of comedic relief. I always am in a better mood after listening and always find something interesting that I hadn’t known before. Thanks, friends! Keep up the fantastic work!

Funny, funny, funny and so right!

Nick and Leah are giving us what we need. They are always on the case of the current etiquette faux pas, so sit down and listen. The whole gang of hoodlums you live with could benefit, it’s time to quit living like wolves!

Grab you popcorn!

When I realized it was Monday, I grabbed my popcorn and water and ran to my table to listen to the latest Nick and Leah podcast! Mondays are no longer blah, they are Were You Raised by Wolves day! Great advice along with charming dialogue, love them so much!

Get By With a Little Help

Navigating certain social situations can be difficult. It’s good to have good people, like Nick and Leah, to give guidance and keep you right.

Etiquette is boring…unless it’s Nick and Leah

I love this show, listen to every episode. It’s bright and fluffy but full of great info too. Cannot recommend enough.

Listen and Smile 😊

These hosts are like my younger, but somehow way more refined siblings. Well, I wish they were my siblings anyway. They have amazing chemistry, make my brutal rush hour commute fun… And often I learn something. It’s the only show my teen will take his AirPods out and listen to when in the car with me! Lastly, I had an etiquette emergency recently and Nick wrote me back within hours with a solution. Love these guys! 💕

Love this podcast

I have never written a review on a podcast but wanted to let you know how much I absolutely love listening to your show. It’s funny, witty, informative and you both make an excellent podcast duo. Who knew a podcast about etiquette could be done this well!

The new nuclear family

Some people have a functional, informed, and well-adjusted family. Others, like myself, have Nick and Leah! Three cheers for gracious, thoughtful, and humorous podcast hosts to fill in the gaps of what your parents didn’t tell you.

Thank you Leah and Nick!

I love this podcast! Interesting situations, great advice, and both hosts make me laugh out loud. The world would be a better place if everyone listened to some Wolves!

The best show

Everyone needs to take a listen !


I love this podcast. It offers great advice that is applicable to many different situations, not just those specifically mentioned. Even when I am in the worst mood or doing the most boring household chore, this podcast never fails to at least get me to smile or chuckle a few times. I look forward to it weekly, and I think Nick and Leah are amazing! Thank you for such a delightful podcast.

Simply delightful!

Their voices are so crisp and interesting I would listen if they were reading (do they still make Phonebooks??) The fact that they share delightful banter makes for an educational party! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 💝

Must Listen!

I been listening since Lisa rocked her silky warm-up track suits and the show still swooshes like Jordan dunkin’ while wearing silky warm-up suits. I do hope homie gets his million dollar toilet/bidet. 💯 Anyway, I went back to Apple Podcast App just to freshen up my review and see if Ol’ T. Cook forked up $20 for a 6 Star Review System because this show is a 7. Fire.


This is the epitome of podcasts. Every episode is wonderfully crafted and clearly Nick and Leah care so much about their listeners and the quality of this incredible podcast. Thanks for providing a great experience with great banter and wit while also being informative.

My new favorite podcast!

Nick and Leah are hilarious and always right on target with their takes on common and insane etiquette situations. Cheers me up when I need a laugh and I’ve actually learned some things, too!

The Best

It’s like a great conversation with friends; I love the witty, funny, and often very useful discussions in this show. It will make your commute (or chores, or cooking!) actually enjoyable. You must tune in!

A favorite!

Nick & Leah are the perfect people to start your week off right! Insightful, unique & so much fun! A must listen ❤️

Useful, entertaining, and refreshing ✨🐺

WYRBW helps me be a kinder, more gracious person. It also helps me be a more direct and effective boundary-setter. In the SAME podcast! An easy listen for a better world, one please and thank you at a time. Thank you, Nick and Leah! (You can’t see me curtsying, but I’m curtsying. Sorry, Nick, if that’s wrong. 😬)

WYRBW is the best!

This is by far the most entertaining weekly podcast on my list. I’m enjoying my long walks with the dog even more now that I’m catching up on all the older episodes!

A True Delight

I love this show! Nick and Leah are charming, warm, and funny. Their wit and thoughtful attention make any topic an adventure. And Leah’s howl is the best thing to ever happen to a Monday. When I run out of episodes, I might just start over again! This show is a gift of humor and insight to our wild world. Thank you, Nick and Leah!

Love these two

I truly find so much joy from this podcast. so informative and fascinating. thanks to you both for sharing your gifts!!

Love this podcast

The more I listen, the more I want to hang out with Nick and Leah. I have learned so much from this duo, and so have my kids. It's our car ride entertainment. Thanks for all the time and effort you spend putting this wonderful show together!

Need more!!

I know that Nick edits the podcast but I need more!!! I’m sure you could do an hour show or maybe twice a week at a half hour. You’re the best podcast I’ve listened to in a long time!

Saving the world one etiquette tip at a time

Nick and Leah are the perfect team to help people understand that other human beings exist and they should be mindful of their needs and feelings. Each of Nick’s quips is a masterpiece and every WILD promulgated by Leah will make you cackle in even the most improper settings. 5/5 10/10. Highly recommend. Subscribe today!

Best podcast ever!

I’m so glad I found this podcast! Leah and Nick are lovely, funny, and educational! I’ve been binge-listening since I found it and am already worried what I’ll do when I’m through all of them. This is the podcast I turn to after a hard day at work or when I just want to have a good laugh, relax, and participate in the outrage over what some people apparently consider acceptable behavior. It has also helped me be more mindful of others - who knew that some people get anxious when someone is in the next public bathroom stall??? I now always check and try to keep a buffer stall. Thanks Nick and Leah and keep up the great work!


I just realizes I do the same little dance when I hear the "Intermezzo" song. 😃 Thanks for a fun listen

My comfort show that also scratches my achiever itch

This show is so comforting. I put it on when I’m doing chores and it really helps get me through. It’s just really soothing and I’m not sure why, but I’m loving it. I also love how Nick and Leah handle when someone commits an etiquette crime. I realized I commit quite a few in listening to this, but they never make me feel bad about myself in listening. My favorite podcast hands down

Love these hosts

Sometimes we all need a few pointers to know how to act right! And these two hosts certainly weigh in with such grace and humor. I love the pacing of this show as well as how thoughtful they are in answering listener questions. Thanks Nick and Leah!

Been a fan since the beginning!

I can’t say enough how much I love this show. I stumbled upon it early on in its release (pre-pandemic days, wow!) and have been a loyal weekly listener since. As someone who has ADHD/is neurodivergent, some social rules can feel a little bit confusing as they are often unspoken- this podcast has been so lovely for me, as it helps explain *why* we do things a certain way. I love listening to Nick and Leah every Monday. Thank you both for an amazing show that is a wonderful, light, funny listen every week!

Life changing

This podcast is perfect! I love the way you get useful information but also laugh a lot. Any time I’m in a fowl mood I listen to an episode and I feel better. I love Nick and Leah both so much- they are wonderful together. As a side note- I have actually changed some of my behavior after learning correct etiquette. Please do this podcast forever for the good of the planet.