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My favorite podcast

This is my favorite podcast, and therefore makes Mondays my favorite day of the week. Nick and Leah solve every problem with humor and panache, and they are delightful, engaging and just the right amount of sassy. I am stressed about the day in the future when I’ve listened to every episode and have no more in reserve. Thank you Nick and Leah, for making the world a brighter place.

Hilarious and Informative

I look forward to this podcast every week. Not only are Nick and Leah hysterical together, but I learn a lot as well! As a fellow rule-follower, I love sharing in their determination to know the proper way to handle almost every social situation, and their horror at the bad behavior their listeners write in about. An absolute delight!

I binged this hard

These host are just freaking hilarious together. If I sat near them at brunch I’d forget to drink my mimosa because I’d be listening to them too intently. And I freakin’ love mimosas.

Podcast Excellence!

This show is such a breath of fresh air! I love that the format is consistent and I come away with new information after every episode! Many thanks to Nick and Leah! 💛

Best hosts

I look forward to each new episode! Hysterically funny and full of information to navigate society. Best hosts on air!

Great podcast

Very likable hosts. I’ve learned great ways to navigate in todays world. Highly recommend 😊

“Can I just say…” this is a must listen!

I really needed some thing fun and light and useful to listen to and my friend recommended this podcast. Now I can’t stop listening! Nick and Leah have a great approach to all the burning etiquette questions I have always had and those I never knew even existed. It is also very validating and empowering plus laugh out loud hilarious. I love all the various parts of each episode and references to Miss Manners and Emily Post. I tell all my friends to listen. Thank you so much for bringing your talent, time and energy to help us all live better together.

Like a warm hug with proper boundaries…

I just love listening to Leah and Nick! I’ve learned so much about how to live in a world we all want to inhabit. ❤️❤️❤️

A True Delight

Nick and Leah feel like my best friends I didn’t know I didn’t have. They are funny and to the point. They make my long commute something that I look forward to. After hearing just a few recent episodes, I quickly followed on Apple Podcasts then went to the beginning. So fun to hear the evolution of the pod as it grew into the “snack for the ears” that it is today. Today, I finally caught up on every past episode, and while I’m sad that I have to wait until Monday for a new episode (like a peasant), I relish that I can re-listen to reruns over and over again. My stationary wardrobe has grown exponentially as my understanding of reseating people in my theater. I am living a more gracious and relaxed life.

Love this podcast! Nick and Leah are always spot on with their etiquette advice, and their wit and humor always makes my day!


This is a favorite podcast! I named my goldfish Chad and Lisa. 😊

My favorites

Nick and Leah are the best - this podcast makes me laugh and want to be a little bit kinder. Thanks!

Etiquette fun

I’m the queen of etiquette. Why? My grandmother and mother wanted me to be able to eat with royalty or presidents or other fancy folk. I have! So, good thing I knew what the fish fork was, did not drink the finger bowl, know to spoon soup away from me, and wait until the host lifts their utensils to eat. (But here is a note, the prince, president and fancy folks I have eaten with sometimes don’t know what utensil to use, what glass is theirs, etc. The remedy: show what you are using in a way that does not draw anyone’s attention). It hurts me that nobody knows how to set a table anymore, that they hold their wine glasses in the wrong hand at cocktail parties, that in this age of viruses they actually want to shake my hand at all, or might ask me to remove my shoes at a wedding. ( I will gladly remove my shoes in your home, but not in public). This podcast addresses the regular and a weird and the etiquette challenges I have never imagined orI wish I had thought of myself. Nick and Leah are funny and easy to listen to. I love that they sometimes have to figure out whether or not something is an etiquette breach. And that, on occasion, they toss it all out of the window because the breach is so egregious or the person so annoying that they might best learn from a forehead thump, or a targeted side-eye or accidental bump. WYRBW has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. I can almost guarantee that you will love it too. You will learn something that you did not know, be reminded of good manners tossed aside, or feel good that you know and do the right thing most of the time. I will acknowledge that I have broken etiquette rules in writing this review by sharing too much personal information and writing more that a paragraph. Forgive me. And listen to the SHOW!

Must Listen!

I been listening since Lisa rocked her silky warm-up track suits and the show still swooshes like Jordan dunkin’ while wearing silky warm-up suits. I do hope homie gets his million dollar toilet/bidet. 💯 Anyway, I went back to Apple Podcast App just to freshen up my review and see if Ol’ T. Cook forked up $20 for a 6 Star Review System because this show is a 7. Fire.

My favorite show!

I always notice when people are polite. It makes my day a bit better. Nick and Leah give us the tools and guides to be better people and hopefully bring a happy spot of day to others.

A fun listen!

Always a fun listen & it is always nice to feel as though I have some comrades in the etiquette world! Well done!

Modern etiquette with grace and humor

This podcast is a gem! Nick and Leah tackle etiquette issues new and time-honored. They manage to strike the balance of taking social graces seriously but still giving us, dear listeners, a light-hearted and humorous vibe. Nick and Leah would be welcome at any dinner party I'm hosting! Listen to this podcast. You'll learn something and wish these two were your guests. Thanks to you both for putting a smile on my face every week!

Simply the best

To say this show brings me joy would be like saying Taylor Swift has a few fans. It’s not only incredibly well researched and informative, but also hilarious. Thank you, Nick & Leah!


This show is making me aspire to be less of a donkey’s hind quarters. Seriously. It’s donkey-eat-donkey out here, but I am rising above the fray. Merci!


This should be required listening for everyone in today’s society. I love the camaraderie between Nick and Leah. They have put together a fantastic podcast that is informative yet hilarious and entertaining. They cover situations we often encounter as well as situations we would probably never encounter but fun to learn nevertheless. Every day should be Nick Leighton Day! ❤️

Grandma approved

I listen to a LOT of podcasts but this quickly became my favorite 😍 I love the humor and friendship between the hosts accompanied by great advice. I grew up in a very formal household so I think I’m pretty well versed in all the etiquette things, but I’m still learning just like everyone else. I just listened to the handkerchief ( newest) episode. As a girl I learned a gentleman would carry his own( often monogrammed) and then a fresh one just in case he ran into a lady who might be shedding a few tears. The spare one was hers to keep. In this day and age if anyone runs into one of these gentlemen you should consider dating him, he’s a class act. Keep up the wonderful work, hugs from nana 🥰

Fun, informative, helpful

As a woman of a certain age who carries personal calling cards and stationery - just in case - I love hearing the stories of how the next generation is navigating today’s social norms. The episode about French fries was hilarious.

Much more than lessons on etiquette

The world needs more etiquette, laughter, and sweetness, and these two deliver on all those things.

Fantastic show

Entertaining, informative, smart and warm-hearted. This is my favorite podcast.

Amusing and more

Both funny and helpful and the two hosts are terrific together.

I adore this podcast!

Nice and Leah are full of wisdom and fun. I enjoy hearing both their perspectives on tricky situations. I have listened to and enjoyed every episode. WYRBW is witty, engaging, informative, and fun. My manners-loving Mom would’ve loved this podcast. She’d be proud that I am still learning. Thank you so much. Rosie

Entertaining yet so informative

Nick & Leah always have such interesting topics, and use humor to deliver excellent etiquette advice. I’ve learned so much from them, & at the same time they make me laugh with their delivery.

Love every episode

Always the best. I learn so much each episode. What a great sense of humor to address life situations.Always a little history lesson mixed in as well.

Great podcast

Nick and Leah are so awesome. Entertaining, fascinating, fun.

Love every episode

Always the best. I learn so much each episode. What a great sense of humor to address life situations.