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Love it!

I’m addicted to this podcast. I just discovered it and am listening to multiple episodes a day. They give lots of good advice in an interesting and humorous way.

Just a gem!

What a bright spot in a challenging time! Leah and Nick are such complementary forces for good. I just can’t get enough!

So delightful!

I just recently found this podcast, and I have been listening obsessively! Every half hour has a blend of light humor, gracious descriptions of moments of kindness, and saltiness, which I truly appreciate.

Fabulous show!

I cannot get enough of this podcast! Nick and Leah make you feel like you’re chatting it up with your besties and I find myself chatting along, answering questions and laughing at all the fun anecdotes! My kids love it too and I think learn so much, especially when it’s a topic I’ve brought up but they seem to give it much more street credit coming from these two! Great fun! Keep all the great info coming! Leah, keep on howling and please keep in cordials of kindness. There can never be too much! Thank you both for all you give!

Entertaining, educational, fun. I feel validated! Turns out there wasn't anything I could have done. Sometimes people are just rude. Thanks for the podcast!

It’s a Delight!

Everything about this podcast makes me smile! It’s a lovely mental sorbet if you tend to go down the murder track for too long. The hosts are charming and have a lovely rapport. It’s interesting. It’s educational. It’s kind. It’s hilarious. It’s also clean so no worries having it blasting when you arrive at the coffee window. I love learning etiquette tips and especially hearing the questions from listeners. Vent or Repent is another great segment! Just go listen - you’ll be happily hooked.

I lovvveeee this podcast

The hosts are so charming, kind, and funny!

Love it!

Love this show! Nick and Leah are entertaining, fun and conversational. They have lots of little segments to mix things up and work in a lot of jokes while also managing to pack tons of practical advice in each episode. They go through scenarios and options, and even tell you the textbook Miss Manners answer while weighing in with their own ideas. I like how they talk about setting boundaries too.

Mr and Mrs Wolfe aka mom and dad

Yes, as a matter of fact, I was raised by Wolfes, L. Wolfe

What a gem

Not only are the hosts hilarious, I just love the idea behind a podcast trying to inspire manners and kindness in a world that so desperately needs a nicelift.

Love this podcast

I discovered this podcast last week and haven’t listened to anything else since!


Where has this been all my life!?! The second I heard Nick mention Mummenachanz I was all in!!

My new favorite podcast!

I just heard about Were You Raised by Wolves this week and am now going back to listen to every episode. I cannot get enough; this podcast is so entertaining and educational!

Adorable and lovely!

Thank you for the amazing tips and comedy!

Binge worthy

I am so glad Apple Spotlight featured this show. As soon as I saw the suggestion I wanted to listen. I have been binging for 3 days now. Nick and Leah feel like good friends I can trust with my anxiety of navigating this wild world with grace and dignity. Absolutely fabulous gem of a podcast.

Tell Everyone! Cult Classic!

I’ve told 4 people about this podcast in the last week, I love it! Must have for anyone who wishes to be both kind and clear in how they communicate and show up in the world. Ps. Reply to the wedding invitation with your own stationary, people! Live your truth!

This podcast is the ultimate relief from tension…

I love the focus on the little things (some not so little). I love the attitudes, the banter, the advice! This podcast is such an escape from, well, everything I want to escape from. I love the intelligence applied to the everyday behaviors we all experience and sometimes exhibit. I listen to an episode whenever I want to feel better about the world. It seems that Nick and Leah are actually helping to improve the world in their own way, and I am glad.

Nice escape!

Love! This is a lovely way to stop focusing on politics and depressing news of the day and just enjoy a pleasant and funny conversation about lighter issues. A new favorite for sure.

Absolutely Amazing

I love,love,love this podcast. It teaches me new things, and I feel personally ashamed that I have committed some of the etiquette crimes, and I am shocked about these rules. This podcast is teaching me to be a better person, and I love the witty, quick banter in this show. Thank you Leah and Nick!

Necessary Podcast

I have enjoyed this podcast so much. I’ve learned a lot not just about etiquette but about setting boundaries (Thank you Leah). I have on so many occasions audibly gasped and my mouth held a gap and some of the audacity of the rude behaviors. I will say though that some etiquette is very regional. For instance, waiters in my part of the country (S Louisiana) always ask up front how the checks will be split so I’ve never encountered an issue with having to figure out the proper way to address splitting the bill. That concept is so foreign to me. Anywho…I love this show and I enjoy Nick and Leah very much.

Everyone should subscribe

What a fun and informative podcast! I love hearing the hosts debate and come to agreements on etiquette because I was not raised by wolves but I might have missed some tips on how to behave properly in this world. Thank you!

This is a modern guide/podcast which helps with making everyone feel good about social situations. Great ideas for useful turns of phrases and hosting or understanding how to put people at ease. It's fun, with a positive attitude about the rudest situations.

I feel validated 😅

I’m so thankful to have found this show because of the spotlight!! Yay! I love the cheery, banter filled episodes that are so relevant to actual life situations where people have either been raised by wolves, or are wolves themselves and as a non-wolf, sometimes I’m stumped on how to respond. So, thank you for existing!

So much fun while learning how to do life well

I love how Nick and Leah are engaging and humble enough to talk about their own mistakes. Some of the examples are hysterical, but they use each example to reinforce the principles of why being polite is important and how to use your best judgment to determine what the polite thing is to do. It’s been one of my favorite podcasts throughout the pandemic and makes Monday mornings something to look forward to. Keep up the great work!

Informative and Funny

I love this so much! Just found RBW last spring and plowed through all episodes within 3 weeks. My 12 yr old made fun of me for listening to a “manners show,” but he’s grown to love it and now listens to it while walking home from school. He recently noticed one of his friends was having a zipper malfunction and whispered to him, “your pod bay door is open, Hal” 😂

Fun and educational podcast!

Both hosts are very entertaining, and provide good advice (as well as validate complaints that so many have regarding rude people). I like learning things I didn’t know before (such as “don’t say ‘congratulations’ to a bride) and feeling more prepared for any awkward situation that may arise.

Best of the Best...

Leah & Nick prove that opposites attract... Humor & Knowlege and Common Sense exudes from this very FUN Podcast !!! I am 75 and listen to them in my art studio, adding just the right balance for so much creativity. They are the BEST... don’t miss them. Joan (Athens, Ga)

I am in love with Nick and Leah!

This show is SO delightful. I just marathoned all the episodes and CANNOT WAIT for the next one. More, please!! (I'll write you a hand-written thank you note!) Truly a great show!


This is an amazing podcast…it is funny, intelligent, and entertaining. Well done!

Love it!

Absolutely great ! Great to listen to while in the office and always learning how to handle difficult situations!

Fun fun fun in serious world ...with Standards

As an unsocialized floundering offspring of a wolf and a sheep (er wait: maybe a wolf in sheep's clothing?) I deeply appreciate the funny, fun-loving witty minds of the hosts. They keep us engaged and hold us to the highest standards of good behavior and good taste.

not your grandma's etiquette class

being autistic i struggle a lot with social cues and such, but this podcast is just the right mix of informative without being condescending or better-than-thou.

Fun, light and informative

The hosts keep it moving along with a mix of segments. The show is just right, not too long but covering a few different topics. It’s not condensing or snooty but it is honest. The hosts, like all of us, do or say something less than perfect we can learn from and improve on. Give it a listen, you’ll enjoy it.

Hilarious Show

This show is so funny, I can’t stop laughing

Where have you two been all my life?!

This podcast is a perfect storm of awesomeness - funny, educational, and oh-so-needed. I didn’t realize just how many everyday-type questions I had until Nick and Leah answered them. Also, they are self-depreciating, practical, and thoughtful as they think through situations and offer advice, which is so refreshing. And, maybe most importantly, they have validated most (all?) of the annoying human behavior stuff that makes me crazy - no small achievement. Listen, you’ll love it!

You might think a podcast about socially acceptable behavior would be dry, but this show is entertaining and so much fun! Nick and Leah keep it to an ideal predictable length for interesting discussions that don't get bogged down and run on and on. And on. I know how much time I'm committing before I tune in. Plus, you get the pleasure of being shocked by stories of socially feral behaviors. Perfect.

Leah and Nick now live in my head.

This show has made me a better person! I’ve learned so much about proper etiquette through listening, and now whenever I find myself in an etiquette conundrum, I ask myself: what would Leah and Nick do?

Kind and funny

I love Leah and Nick! They are thoughtful and kind, and relate to our etiquette woes with humor and decisiveness. Great show!

Perfect balance of entertaining and informational

My husband and I both love this podcast! We love that it’s fun and conversational but also really informative. Even the niche topics that we will probably never encounter in our own lives are really interesting and fun to learn about. It’s great to have a teacher that tells you when you’re wrong but doesn’t make you feel stupid about it. This is always one of our first recommendations to friends when they ask what podcasts they should try.

Wholesome and funny!

I’ve recently finished listening to the show’s entire backlog and just loved it so much! Not much makes me laugh anymore the way Nick & Leah’s witty repartee does. Such a joy, I’m sad I now have to wait a week between episodes!

This is a Five Star Podcast

I do not understand how this show gets an overall rating of only 4.8. There are a few negative reviews from people who are clearly humorless, and one glowing review from someone who almost certainly mistakenly assigned only 2 stars. This is a 5 star podcast and the vast majority of the reviews are spot on. Nick and Leah are delightful and will make you laugh out loud while teaching you some manners. When someone suggested it to me I thought, yeah sure, I'll listen to one episode to be polite. But I've now binged the entire back catalog and can't wait for each new episode. FIVE STARS, PEOPLE. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️

Entertaining and Educational!

Leah and Nick entertain and educate with humor and kindness. I know you will love listening!


This podcast is one of the highlights of my week. It is at turns educational, entertaining, and comedic. I hope the hosts continue to make it for years to come.

I am in love with Nick and Leah!

This show is SO delightful. I just marathoned all the episodes and CANNOT WAIT for the next one. More, please!! (I'll write you a hand-written thank you note!) Truly a great show!!

I’ve learned so much!

This podcast is excellent! As someone who was raised by wolves, I’ve learned so much from listening to these episodes. Ive noticed some things I do regularly that I need to repent for. Serious thank you to Nick and Leah for 2 great points of view on these etiquette scenarios-there is so much great advice. Thank you!!

Best Ever! First Class! Everything!

I love this podcast so much! I found it, became immediately hooked, binged it, and then listened to it all over again. Sadly, I now am forced to wait each week to listen. I have never enjoyed a podcast this much and I look forward to it every week. It is fun, hilarious, and so interesting! The format and segments are nicely done. I am always cracking up as I listen. I love Nick and Leah, they are both fantastic and really great together. Maybe consider doing more than once a week!?

The best!!

My favorite podcast! Laugh-out-loud hilarious AND useful. I discovered it 2 months ago and have listened to every episode since. Perfect levity for heavy times.

Best podcast

I discovered WYRBW in December and I got to binge every episode after work, which was my favorite past time during quarantine. Now I just look forward to Monday’s for the first time ever for new episodes! It’s relatable and informative but most importantly, it always leaves you smiling


Nick and Leah have been keeping me company on all my errands for the last week couple of weeks. Since my first listen, I’ve let all the other podcasts in the queue pile up. They are kind and gracious and most of funny. My favorite kind of people!

Every episode makes me lol

Witty, informative, and so helpful! The hosts are both hilarious and have a very fun dynamic. They also give truly thoughtful and insightful advice. Love!


It seems appropriate to thank you for this gift of a podcast. Learning, laughing, and sharing all this new knowledge! I appreciate you both!

Fun and educational

Love Nick & Leah!! Give this show two episodes before deciding if you like it. I liked it after #2 and was hooked by #3. Episodes average 30 min as well, so they are a nice length but don’t drag on forever like some podcasts do. Nick & Leah have great chemistry as hosts. I love how polite and serious Nick tries to be when reading the letters from listeners, and then Leah speaks her mind passionately on whether she agrees or disagrees with “etiquette offenders.” The listener letters are hysterical. Thanks Nick & Leah for providing entertainment to get me through the boring second half of my work day:)

I am in love with Nick and Leah!

This show is SO delightful. I just marathoned all the episodes and CANNOT WAIT for the next one. More, please!! (I'll write you a hand-written thank you note!) Truly a great show!

I love this show! Nick and Leah give solid advice for real-world problems while also offering humor and interesting etiquette tidbits.

I truly enjoy this show - it's adorable and they talk about things that really matter: like which fork to use and when you need to send thank you cards. This is a nice break from the unhappy noise of the world.

My newest obsession!

I love this pod! It's so easy to listen too. The voices of the hosts are easy on the ears and the length is perfect for my drive. I am also able to share with my daughter and we can discuss etiquette. That's a major plus as she is 6 and I want to impart the importance of etiquette and manners without making it seem like you have to a doormat to others. I have always been enthralled by etiquette and this podcast just makes my heart happy. I can not stop talking about it!

Podcast 78 husband irked by mom washing sheets

I think if it offends the husband that his mother in law is washing the sheets upon her departure, the wife should bring it up with her mom not to wash the sheets; provided that the husband agrees to wash & replace them on the guest bed in the future within 6 hours of the mother in laws departure. IF he fails to timely get this accomplished within the 6 hour window, he shall pay for a spa service, hair service or shopping trip in the amt of $300.00. I think that’s fair.

So awesome!!

Nick and Leah are soooooo fun to listen to! Funny, smart...every second of this podcast is great. I’ve learned a lot, and laughed a TON. I very much recommend this podcast.

You need this podcast in your life

_Were You Raised By Wolves?_ is wildly entertaining, educational, and relatable. Nick and Leah are a perfect pair. Just simply a delight to listen to each week - I laugh, I learn, I impatiently wait a week and then do it all again. The show is expertly organized and edited ; no rambling or long-winded tangents here (although I wouldn’t mind a little of that at all from these two - can’t get enough!). My only criticism is that the bonus episodes do not include the AMAZING and *very* danceable theme song at the intro.

Cordials of Kindness

I’d like to thank YOU, Nick and Leah! For leading us through the wilderness of etiquette with your knowledge and hilarity. I look forward to each and every episode!

A howl out to Nick & Leah!

Were you raised by wolves? is fantastically entertaining, heart-warming, and renewing faith in humanity one answer, vent or repent at a time.

Love it!

Absolutely great ! It has made me more cautious and mindful with interacting in the world.

I am in love with Nick and Leah!

This show is SO delightful. I just marathoned all the episodes and CANNOT WAIT for the next one. More, please!! (I'll write you a hand-written thank you note!) Truly a great show!!

Manners Still Matter!

I love this podcast! Nick and Leah are entertaining AND educational. I learn something new every time I listen. Highly recommend this podcast if you are into manners and etiquette.

Fabulous podcast

Nick and Leah are wonderful. Each week they make me smile and give me hope for a kinder, happier and funnier world. Can’t wait for each new episode!

My new obsession

I adore this podcast. It’s funny, it’s informative, it’s relatable and Nick and Lea have great chemistry. I love everything about this podcast, never stop!

Great podcast!

I love this fun show. The hosts have a wonderful rapport. They are knowledgeable and thoughtful without being condescending, Their advice is spot on too!

Nick and Leah are amazing

There’s a tiktok line that has become very viral because I think a lot of us feel like we’ve been slowly losing the knowledge on how to interact with people (both strangers and not): “at this point in covid I am 98% feral and I will not be able to go back to civilization”. Nick and Leah give me hope for the future that I may be able to come out on the other side somewhat still self- (and socially) aware.

You are a cordial of kindness!

I love how much I have learned about interacting with people during this year of non interactions! The wolves that raised me would be proud of your kind, gentle reminders of how people can be a better with a touch more manners. Thank you

Best way to start a week!

I was suggested this podcast by a friend over a year ago and it has been a regular in my podcast rotation ever since. Nick and Leah are witty and charming, and make Mondays not so bad.

My favorite podcast!

There is so much to love about RBW. Nick and Leah’s banter is probably the top reason. They are having so much fun, and I am guaranteed several out-loud laughs per episode. I love the amuse-bouche because Leah and I will always learn something new from Nick and his research. I love the way Nick and Leah work through the letter-writers’ questions, and that their advice sometimes evolves as they hear each other out. And I especially love Leah’s howl from the wilderness! Thanks for a great show!

A balm for the weary soul

Nick and Leah are so quick, funny, and incisive that listening to them feels like whizzing along on a bike on the first day of spring. My go-to “listen to before bed to effectively keep the existential dread at bay” podcast, and the only podcast whose episodes I’ve ever re-listened-to because they were just too fun to only listen once!

Great podcast

Nick and Leah you are great and thank you for the honest advice and not sugarcoating the issues and not giving everyone a trophy! You are both awesome 💕

A great way to start the week

I look forward to Monday mornings because that is when the new episodes of Were You Raised by Wolves are released! The podcast is both useful and delightful. Nick and Leah make me think but also give me a good chuckle in the process. I find them both to be smart and charming. Subscribe!

So fun

Great chemistry between the hosts and a vast spectrum of etiquette situations make for a fun and interesting listen. Hard to imagine a listener not learning something new and/or chuckling at the hosts’ exchanges. Loving it!

Delightful In Every Way

This is my new favorite podcast! It’s light and funny, but also surprisingly informative, and even a little cathartic. Nick and Leah have such great senses of humor and sparkling chemistry. Were You Raised by Wolves is a delight!

Love it!

I look forward to this every week. It’s fun and light hearted and always put a smile on my face :)

Don’t be a savage

One of the funniest and informative podcasts that you didn’t know you needed! I’ve learned so many great things about how not to act like an animal in polite society! Awooooooooooooo!

Funny and informative

These two are an absolute hoot and I wish I were friends with them in real life! They offer thought-out, sensible etiquette advice and have lots of fun conversation doing so. Very entertaining!

simply enjoyable

This is one of those podcasts were listening to it, you feel as though you are sitting at a table with some friends having a lively discussion. I was definitely raised by wolves - we ate ice cream from the container, never waited for everyone to sit down to start eating, and many more atrocities Ms Manners would be aghast at. While I am hardly reverent to manners now, this podcast brings levity and entertainment to my workday. And I do at least learn what I was supposed to be doing all along, even if I don’t act on it ;) Thanks Leah and Nick!

This is a GREAT podcast!

I have not historically been a podcast person, but one of my resolutions for 2021 waste try some out instead of just playing the same music over and over. I am SO glad I started this one. Nick and Leah and funny and nice to listen to, and I’ve also learned a lot. I finish every episode just feeling happy. And sometimes snarky - in a good way. I burned through all their recent episodes while cooking in the kitchen or walking around town, so I’m now working through older ones, and I hope I never run out.

Yes Yes Yes!

This podcast is the ONLY podcast I confidently subscribe to. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for not having annoying commercials ten times throughout your show. Thank you for giving me a little joy when I see there is a new episode. LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST!

Be a better person by listening to this podcast!

Nick and Leah give absolutely fantastic advice on how to navigate tricky situations while being kind, courteous, and still looking out for yourself. It is such a delight to hear new episodes every week!

I absolutely LOVE this podcast, and the hosts are perfect!

This is some awesome, and welcomingly wholesome, entertainment wrapped into an educational club sandwich of delight! Nick and Leah have a pretty great friendship, and they present these episodes with such great energy. I absolutely adore all of their “Oh!”s (there are so many! Haha) that they each vocalize in response to some surprising bit of information or opinion, etc. It’s a thoroughly great time! I am currently binging from the beginning, and it just brightens my day! When my kids are a bit older, I plan to have this podcast as a part of their homeschooling curriculum! (Social studies! It counts!!)

Run, don’t walk, to subscribe!

This fantastic podcast has it all - witty repartee, substance, and inspiration for all of us to make this world better together!

lighthearted and you learn stuff!

Just a really sweet, thoughtful podcast about navigating manners and socializing that doesn't beat you over the head with yelling and raging. Nick and Leah are great together. And yeah, you learn stuff! Like how to eat from a cheese plate! And hopefully you'll learn that you fall on the right sidfe of the manners line!

One of the BEST podcasts out there

Each week I’m so excited to hear the fresh release only to be sad when it’s over! Just can’t get enough! Clutch my pearls! I laugh out loud and most often totally agree with the answers given ... although that’s not to say I haven’t learned new things!!! Often I’m shocked at the audacity of some people! Thanks for standing up for doing what’s right and kind! If you need something positive and encouraging in these dark days... listen! You’ll be so glad you did!

I am in love with Nick and Leah!!

This show is SO delightful. I just marathoned all the episodes and CANNOT WAIT for the next one. More, please!! (I'll write you a hand-written thank you note!) Truly a great show!!

Opera episode, etc.

Working my way to the earlier episodes, back from the top. Enjoying them all, because every episode is brilliant. But WHY is the "number of ratings" STUCK at 645? That is ABSOLUTELY impossible. Over the last 3 months, it must have reached 10,000 👍🏼, and yet -- the needle never moves! PLEASE check that out, O techy person who accesses the Apple Podcasts infrastructure (substructure? Superstructure?) ! Seriously: verify!!!

This is so good

I love Nick and Leah. Everyone needs to listen to this podcast so no one has to wonder if they were raised by wolves.

Triple Cream French Brie

My desert island cheese is a triple cream French brie! I’m only 4 binge episodes in but this is my new favorite. Awfully hard to listen while running - do not recommend doing this for fear of laughter tripping you up. Too many laughs. I often use the phrase “were you raised by wolves?”, especially when talking to my roommates about the brand new dish towels that end up crumpled up and wet on the opposite side of the kitchen instead of hung back nicely where they found them. This show validates so many thoughts-how self satisfying!

A Lifesaver!

I don’t remember how I found this podcast but, OMG, I am so glad I did! After a year full of nothing but bad news and dire predictions, this thirtyish minute break in my day has been a lifesaver! My only concern now is what will I do when I am caught up with all the back episodes and only have one a week to depend on! Maybe the world will have calmed down by then. Thank you for this silly and yet sophisticated respite of entertaining information! Proud to be a wild pup!

Informative and funny

Thanks for the great show!

Both helpful and hilarious! 💯🛠😆❤️

Perfect combination of utility and entertainment! I can relate so much to having these grievances/questions and am glad that I now have a resource for the answers. Keep it up, Nick and Leah!

Nick and Leah are a light in my life

I’ve been binging this podcast for a few weeks now and I just love the levity that Nick and Leah bring to a lot of really tough situations. They take me out of every day stresses, and teach me things I had no idea I didn’t know. They have such a warm, bright friendship and you can tell there is real affection there. Absolutely tops in terms of podcast hosts, and Nick replied to a question I sent in and was absolutely lovely. He actually wrote the email, no form letter or anything like that. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, this is the man that lives and dies by written thank you notes. He had no way of knowing my life is incredibly stressful right now, and that email nearly brought me to tears. It was so kind. Thank you guys! Keep it up, I am always looking forward to your new episodes.

Very entertaining

This is one of my favorite podcasts. Great to have on while you cook, drive across town, etc. I love hearing all of the crazy predicaments other listeners get in. It’s a strange world sometimes! Nick and Leah give good advice and their reactions are great. Nick is the etiquette expert, while Leah is all of us who hate awkwardness/confrontation and just want there to be peace. They balance each other perfectly. And I can’t resist singing along to the theme song! Would definitely recommend.

You tube video etiquette

Thank you for touching on my admittedly anal question/rant. And to clarify...Yes (thank you Nick!) I did mean in person. As in- live/in real time/face to face. Xox

My new favorite podcast!

Great advice and I laugh out loud every time

My Favorite

These two make me laugh out loud. They are both fabulous. Also, Leah has the best laugh EVER and I love that Nick likes to write personal notes. Follow them (even if it’s off a cliff!)!


The advice that I’ve received from Nick and Leah has directly influenced on my life in a positive way on several occasions! I’m so grateful to have their help when negotiating tricky social situations. Helpful and fun. Bravo!