The Show

Etiquette, manners, and beyond!
Join Emmy® Award-winning journalist Nick Leighton and acclaimed comedian Leah Bonnema (Late Show with Stephen Colbert), the perfect odd couple, as they try to make the world a nicer, more polite place and offer up practical advice to help you smoothly glide through any situation. Please listen and follow! (We’d send you a hand-written thank you note if we could.)

About the Hosts

Nick Leighton Profile Photo

Nick Leighton

Host & Producer

NICK LEIGHTON is a two-time Emmy® Award-winning talk show host and journalist originally from a small hippie commune in Northern California. Nick produces and edits the podcast and currently resides in Manhattan.

Leah Bonnema Profile Photo

Leah Bonnema


LEAH BONNEMA was born in the rural mountains of Maine and has a tendency to love the wolves. Today, she’s an acclaimed comedian doing stand-up on televisions (“Late Show with Stephen Colbert”) and stages across the United States. She currently splits her time between Los Angeles and New York.