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So upbeat and fun

This is the show I listen to when I need reminding the humans can be civilized, polite, kind, upbeat and delightful. Nick and Leah have wonderful, doable solutions to the confounding things we confront in our relationships with others. I always feel better about others when I listen. A dose of humor and a big swig of “let’s be grown ups” in every episode.

Keep up the Great Work!

Nick and Leah give great advice for everyday situations and some not so common situations, but I love it all! They are great at what they do and enjoy listening every week.

Just FUN and relaxing

No politics, no profanity, just fun. Great interaction between host and hostess. They respond to listeners emails asking for help on etiquette and “good manners” in everyday situations. It’s relaxing and funny

Informative and Entertaining

I love this show! It is hard for me to find a podcast I can get into. Once I find one though I’m usually hooked, and this is no exception. It is the perfect blend of informative and entertaining. Leah and Nick are funny and delightful and the episodes are to the point. I appreciate the editing and the time/research that goes into scripting each one. Keep up the good work Leah and Nick!

Practical advice, delivered with humor

I’ve learned a lot about etiquette by listening to this Podcast. Nick and Leah have great chemistry. This Podcast is a good reminder to be kind and considerate.

I absolutely love this podcast! It's my favourite one right now. I find Nick and Leah so fun to listen to and I've actually learned a lot. I mostly listen for the entertainment though as the hosts are so quick witted and fun!

Who knew etiquette could be fun?

I love this dishy (but ever-so-polite) chat about manners in contemporary culture! Always enlightening even when you, of course, know which fork to use. The humorous commentary adds engaging context and I am addicted!

Saving Society One Show at a Time

If only we all could be kind and polite in the ways Nick and Leah suggest. I love their modern take on age old social dilemmas. The continually impress with their down to earth and smart answers. Can’t wait for every episode!

My weekly kindness reminder

I am a grumpy impatient person, that being said I have learned so much from Nick and Leah that I am more polite and tolerant of stupid people. WYRBW is my weekly dose of good manners and being civil. The podcast has a weekly structure with new topics each week on the customs and practices of good etiquette. It is a fun light hearted podcast which I have enjoyed each week.

my new favorite podcast

Nick and Leah are delightful! Their advice is witty, thoughtful and so practical. I feel myself becoming more gracious with each listen, and I usually laugh out loud at least once during each episode.

Lots of fun

A delightful podcast that I look forward to each week. I find the entertainment factor equally as important as their insightful tips.

A lovely reminder that people kind (and should!) be thoughtful

I don’t often leave reviews even for podcasts I love — which, reflecting now, is probably poor etiquette. (This week, I’d be more repent than vent!) In a world where everyone is very busy and sometimes it seems as if no one has manners, it’s refreshing to listen to Leah and Nick. This is the podcast equivalent of a stranger holding open a door for you — it just brightens your day!

Such a fun, fresh, and helpful podcast

Nick and Leah are so down to earth and really make me believe in humanity lol! They are very entertaining and wise. I love the scenarios they go through on each episode. I always learn something new!

I love this show

I love to listen to this show and laugh along to the jokes. The community you have created with your show means a lot to me. On of my favorite parts of the show are cordials of kindness and, questions from the wilderness. -Warmly A fellow wolf.

Antidote for a rude word

Oh my goodness! Where to begin with the praises I want to heap upon the fabulous hosts of this binge-worthy podcast. First off: this is fun, funny, addictive, educational, smart, and sassy. This is the rain in my desert. The oxygen in my cultural outer space. This is seriously soul-reviving funniness, and also legitimately helpful. Boom! With wit, empathy and humor this show has helped me to recalibrate my own manners, and has redeemed me in my displeasure with human behavior. People can be FSR (for sure rude!) and now I don’t feel quite so alone in my shock and horror. Thank you Nick and Leah for helping us all to be better people, and for letting us share a collective laugh (or groan) at all of the crazy rudeness in the world. I believe that, in addition to feeling vindicated for all the nonsense I have put up with over the years, I now have better boundaries and more confidence after binging this podcast. I hope to never be the subject of one of your letter-writers’ rants! This podcast is one of my favorites. It’s definitely in my top 5. Wonderful find. Love it!


Finally!!! This podcast feels like an invite to an exclusive tea party, but gives a fresh perspective on manners and being kind and considerate. With a little history peppered in these cheeky hosts really deliver entertainment. Can’t recommend it enough.

So Engaging

This show is a bit problematically addictive for me, and the most engaging podcast I've ever listened to. On the plus side, I'm getting a lot done around the house because I keep needing "just one more" episode, and it's an ideal pairing with deep cleaning. I've learned a lot (love the deep dives!), gotten a lot of validation, and just related so much on a human level. It's kept my spirits high during a very busy and somewhat stressful time. Safety Warning: Do not consume any liquid during episode 32. You will have sudden bursts of wild laughter and it may happen as you're swallowing and cause choking.

Fun, Funny, and Informative

Were You Raised by Wolves is the podcast that solves my problem of not wanting to get out of bed on Monday morning. Nick and Leah have given me thoughtful answers to my own questions, and answer questions I never knew I needed answers to! They make etiquette approachable, create a safe place to vent, and provide a cultural education about places/times I am less familiar with. So grateful to this podcast for being a bright spot to every week.

Best Show In History!!!!!😁

Hi Nick and Leah! Just wanted to say, I love love this podcast, if I had to choose the best podcast in history, I would definitely choose Were You Raised by Wolves! It is funny and influential, and just flat out amazing! Thank you so much for teaching me educate! Blessed & Overjoyed Listener, Summer

Funny & Informative!

If you love watching people at the airport, you will love this podcast. The hosts are fun and informative, and I enjoy listening to all the sticky situations people get into and how they might politely (and directly) get themselves out. This is a new favorite for me - I highly recommend!

This show is a breath of fresh air and a much needed break from depressing and stressful current events and politics. I don't think there's anything else that's a mix of entertainment, information, and fun. Thanks, Nick and Leah, for all you do!!

Helpful & Funny

My 9-year-old daughter and I have such a good time listening to this podcast when we are in the car together (and sometimes at home, while we eat dinner). Nick and Leah truly make manners and having empathy for others a fun and funny learning experience! Thank you!

Scratches an itch I didn’t know I had

This show is the perfect combination of humor, information, and secondhand voyeurism (who doesn’t love hearing about other peoples’ social drama?). I love it. I didn’t think I’d love a show about manners and etiquette, but it’s honestly so interesting and entertaining that I am truly addicted. I wish I could attend a dinner party with Nick and Leah!

I love this podcast! I love hearing about other peoples etiquette problems and relating them to my experiences. I often find myself saying "I knew Lisa and Chad were wrong!" BUT my favorite part of the show is hearing the funny banter of what you should definitely not say. I recently found the podcast on Spotify and have been benge listening at work.

A little levity for our tumultous times

I love this podcast! Nick and Lea have brought humor, comfort and fun pertinent info during the often mundane but sometimes sad days of the pandemic and recent current events. I started listening a few weeks ago and have enjoyed many of their past episodes as well as their current ones. Their amusing and insightful observations are a great way sooth my sometimes reeling mind and remind me of the fun and fabulousness of everyday life challenges. They also remind me that I am not crazy when I often think "What is wrong with that person?!?!?!?" Thank you Nick and Leah. You two are GEMS! So thank you the laughs and for helping us all be a little kinder and more polite. You two are both gems! Most sincerely, Rose

Short and sweet

I learn more fun facts on this pod than I do on some of my other ‘fun facts’ pods.

Ear candy that’s good for you

I’m so glad I stumbled upon this show; I absolutely love it - the hosts, their funny banter, and their advice. It’s the perfect podcast for someone who frequently finds themselves thinking “I can’t believe the person in front of me is asking/doing/behaving like that. What’s my next move that isn’t equally off putting?”

Yes I was.

Raised by wolves, that is. Absolutely love this show. So funny and helpful at the same time. I’m delighted every Monday!

Should be required listening…

…as a lot of people would benefit from etiquette lessons. Fun and entertaining personalities.

Informative And Uplifting

Many people who know me describe me as “proper,” but despite being thoroughly taught manners as a child, I am learning a few new things from this delightful podcast. Nick and Leah are both insightful and funny. Looking forward to hearing more from this team.