Were You Raised By Wolves?

Etiquette fun

I’m the queen of etiquette. Why? My grandmother and mother wanted me to be able to eat with royalty or presidents or other fancy folk. I have! So, good thing I knew what the fish fork was, did not drink the finger bowl, know to spoon soup away from me, and wait until the host lifts their utensils to eat. (But here is a note, the prince, president and fancy folks I have eaten with sometimes don’t know what utensil to use, what glass is theirs, etc. The remedy: show what you are using in a way that does not draw anyone’s attention).

It hurts me that nobody knows how to set a table anymore, that they hold their wine glasses in the wrong hand at cocktail parties, that in this age of viruses they actually want to shake my hand at all, or might ask me to remove my shoes at a wedding. ( I will gladly remove my shoes in your home, but not in public).

This podcast addresses the regular and a weird and the etiquette challenges I have never imagined orI wish I had thought of myself. Nick and Leah are funny and easy to listen to. I love that they sometimes have to figure out whether or not something is an etiquette breach. And that, on occasion, they toss it all out of the window because the breach is so egregious or the person so annoying that they might best learn from a forehead thump, or a targeted side-eye or accidental bump.

WYRBW has quickly become one of my favorite podcasts. I can almost guarantee that you will love it too. You will learn something that you did not know, be reminded of good manners tossed aside, or feel good that you know and do the right thing most of the time.

I will acknowledge that I have broken etiquette rules in writing this review by sharing too much personal information and writing more that a paragraph. Forgive me. And listen to the SHOW!

March 13, 2023 by SeattleSLEM on Apple Podcasts

Were You Raised By Wolves?