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Is there etiquette in writing a review?

This show my latest obsession. I love the hosts so much - a fun show to listen to while I’m walking my dogs! I just shared the show with my sister so we can talk about it. Keep up the great work!

Helpful and entertaining

No matter how polite or polished your manners may be, there is truly something for everyone! A great podcast for a family road trip or a walk in the neighborhood. Enjoyable!

Love this podcast!

I look forward to every new episode! I have learned some fun facts and great tips on how to act in a variety of situations. Nick and Leah keep me entertained on my long commute.

We Need This

The hosts are great! In these unsettling days we need some civility lessons! Thank you, if I had your address I would send a card 😍

Love it!

I’m addicted to this podcast. I just discovered it and am listening to multiple episodes a day. They give lots of good advice in an interesting and humorous way.

Just a gem!

What a bright spot in a challenging time! Leah and Nick are such complementary forces for good. I just can’t get enough!

So delightful!

I just recently found this podcast, and I have been listening obsessively! Every half hour has a blend of light humor, gracious descriptions of moments of kindness, and saltiness, which I truly appreciate.

Fabulous show!

I cannot get enough of this podcast! Nick and Leah make you feel like you’re chatting it up with your besties and I find myself chatting along, answering questions and laughing at all the fun anecdotes! My kids love it too and I think learn so much, especially when it’s a topic I’ve brought up but they seem to give it much more street credit coming from these two! Great fun! Keep all the great info coming! Leah, keep on howling and please keep in cordials of kindness. There can never be too much! Thank you both for all you give!

Entertaining, educational, fun. I feel validated! Turns out there wasn't anything I could have done. Sometimes people are just rude. Thanks for the podcast!

It’s a Delight!

Everything about this podcast makes me smile! It’s a lovely mental sorbet if you tend to go down the murder track for too long. The hosts are charming and have a lovely rapport. It’s interesting. It’s educational. It’s kind. It’s hilarious. It’s also clean so no worries having it blasting when you arrive at the coffee window. I love learning etiquette tips and especially hearing the questions from listeners. Vent or Repent is another great segment! Just go listen - you’ll be happily hooked.

I lovvveeee this podcast

The hosts are so charming, kind, and funny!

Love it!

Love this show! Nick and Leah are entertaining, fun and conversational. They have lots of little segments to mix things up and work in a lot of jokes while also managing to pack tons of practical advice in each episode. They go through scenarios and options, and even tell you the textbook Miss Manners answer while weighing in with their own ideas. I like how they talk about setting boundaries too.

Mr and Mrs Wolfe aka mom and dad

Yes, as a matter of fact, I was raised by Wolfes, L. Wolfe

What a gem

Not only are the hosts hilarious, I just love the idea behind a podcast trying to inspire manners and kindness in a world that so desperately needs a nicelift.

Love this podcast

I discovered this podcast last week and haven’t listened to anything else since!


Where has this been all my life!?! The second I heard Nick mention Mummenachanz I was all in!!

My new favorite podcast!

I just heard about Were You Raised by Wolves this week and am now going back to listen to every episode. I cannot get enough; this podcast is so entertaining and educational!

Adorable and lovely!

Thank you for the amazing tips and comedy!

Binge worthy

I am so glad Apple Spotlight featured this show. As soon as I saw the suggestion I wanted to listen. I have been binging for 3 days now. Nick and Leah feel like good friends I can trust with my anxiety of navigating this wild world with grace and dignity. Absolutely fabulous gem of a podcast.

Tell Everyone! Cult Classic!

I’ve told 4 people about this podcast in the last week, I love it! Must have for anyone who wishes to be both kind and clear in how they communicate and show up in the world. Ps. Reply to the wedding invitation with your own stationary, people! Live your truth!

This podcast is the ultimate relief from tension…

I love the focus on the little things (some not so little). I love the attitudes, the banter, the advice! This podcast is such an escape from, well, everything I want to escape from. I love the intelligence applied to the everyday behaviors we all experience and sometimes exhibit. I listen to an episode whenever I want to feel better about the world. It seems that Nick and Leah are actually helping to improve the world in their own way, and I am glad.

Nice escape!

Love! This is a lovely way to stop focusing on politics and depressing news of the day and just enjoy a pleasant and funny conversation about lighter issues. A new favorite for sure.

Absolutely Amazing

I love,love,love this podcast. It teaches me new things, and I feel personally ashamed that I have committed some of the etiquette crimes, and I am shocked about these rules. This podcast is teaching me to be a better person, and I love the witty, quick banter in this show. Thank you Leah and Nick!

Necessary Podcast

I have enjoyed this podcast so much. I’ve learned a lot not just about etiquette but about setting boundaries (Thank you Leah). I have on so many occasions audibly gasped and my mouth held a gap and some of the audacity of the rude behaviors. I will say though that some etiquette is very regional. For instance, waiters in my part of the country (S Louisiana) always ask up front how the checks will be split so I’ve never encountered an issue with having to figure out the proper way to address splitting the bill. That concept is so foreign to me. Anywho…I love this show and I enjoy Nick and Leah very much.

Everyone should subscribe

What a fun and informative podcast! I love hearing the hosts debate and come to agreements on etiquette because I was not raised by wolves but I might have missed some tips on how to behave properly in this world. Thank you!

This is a modern guide/podcast which helps with making everyone feel good about social situations. Great ideas for useful turns of phrases and hosting or understanding how to put people at ease. It's fun, with a positive attitude about the rudest situations.

I feel validated 😅

I’m so thankful to have found this show because of the spotlight!! Yay! I love the cheery, banter filled episodes that are so relevant to actual life situations where people have either been raised by wolves, or are wolves themselves and as a non-wolf, sometimes I’m stumped on how to respond. So, thank you for existing!

So much fun while learning how to do life well

I love how Nick and Leah are engaging and humble enough to talk about their own mistakes. Some of the examples are hysterical, but they use each example to reinforce the principles of why being polite is important and how to use your best judgment to determine what the polite thing is to do. It’s been one of my favorite podcasts throughout the pandemic and makes Monday mornings something to look forward to. Keep up the great work!

Informative and Funny

I love this so much! Just found RBW last spring and plowed through all episodes within 3 weeks. My 12 yr old made fun of me for listening to a “manners show,” but he’s grown to love it and now listens to it while walking home from school. He recently noticed one of his friends was having a zipper malfunction and whispered to him, “your pod bay door is open, Hal” 😂

Fun and educational podcast!

Both hosts are very entertaining, and provide good advice (as well as validate complaints that so many have regarding rude people). I like learning things I didn’t know before (such as “don’t say ‘congratulations’ to a bride) and feeling more prepared for any awkward situation that may arise.