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A New Favorite!

I look forward to the new episodes while also listening to older shows from before I discovered Nick and Leah. Their humorous banter - whether they are in complete agreement or have politely opposing views - is always entertaining. They are helping to further the causes of good manners and thoughtfulness and that is a worthy endeavor. That they make me laugh while doing it is a bonus!

Everything I never knew I always needed

Nick and Leah are everything I never knew I always needed. In a podcast world where true crime reigns and long format interviews lurk like mafia in the night, it’s refreshing to find a show that just wants to “make it better, when we have to live together”. I learn a lot about good manners from this show and have my gripes with humanity validated. I listen to a lot of podcasts and this is the first show I have ever been compelled to join a patreon for. ♥️♥️♥️

So enjoyable and educational

I love listening to this podcast for Nick’s charm and Leah’s joy. As a Latina, I sometimes don’t know all the social expectations so I like seeing things from a different cultural perspective, although I also think it’d be hilarious to bring a few guests of color on the podcast and see if they agree with some social “norms” that may or may not be universally agreed upon. If this were a dinner plate, I’d put my silverware in the position asking for the suggestion book and add that nugget. (Smile)

Incredibly Creative

I just became a Patreon as this podcast is delightfully creative. it is professionally put together and moves along at a clip that does not waste the listener’s time. No drinking, bad microphones, swearing or meaningless giggling or pauses. Love it!!!

Great Podcast!

I just started listening to “Were you raised by wolves?” and I’m so glad I did. Nick and Leigh talk through all of things you might wonder to to yourself and give such helpful advice.

I love it

I am an 8 year old and I love to hear about etiquette and this is awesome 👍🏻❤️

Binge listen

Thanks to holiday crafting (and the quality of this podcast), I have binged nearly every episode in a ridiculously short period of time. I don’t know what I will do if I run out of episodes before I run out of crafting! I find the show incredibly cathartic in exactly the way that internet round-ups of people behaving badly AREN’T, and I identify so hard with Leah’s anxiety and overthinking (and curly hair!) that the whole thing is just very validating. Thank you for sharing this show with the world!

Excellent podcast, very interactive and engaging. I was definitely raised by wolves but now have some guidance as to how to pretend otherwise.

Exactly What Is Needed

Blessings to you both & all the people involved in the podcast. So very important to remind the older generations & also teach the younger ones the importance of just being a good human. Social graces are the cornerstone of community.🙏❤️


I could listen to Nick and Leah all day!

A great palate cleanser

This podcast is delightful! To the point, light-hearted, witty and kind. I love the episodes when they have a rant or repentance for the week. Hilarious!

Informative, relatable, and entertaining!

It isn’t often that my teen son and I can find common ground on interests… but now we have this podcast! Traditional scenarios like table manners and party etiquette are addressed as well as contemporary topics like text messaging and gifting. Each episode is peppered with fun side features of “amuse-bouche”, “vent or repent”, “from the wilderness” (I howl with Leah), etc… check it out!

Delightful AND informative!

These two are a joy to listen to. I appreciate how they dive right into the topic rather than subject the audience to pointless preambles. Great format! I love learning manners from Leah and Nick ☺️

Hilarious Show

It was shown to me by a friend and I can’t stop. I love listening while I sleep. Highly recommend

Best podcast oh how my be a better person

I came across this podcast randomly and i am so glad that i did. It teaches you how to have manners and how to react nicely in different situations. And the hosts are so good together! Highly recommend 💕

New favorite podcast!

I am obsessed with this podcast. The advice is always wonderful but the best part is gearing Nick and Leah’s reactions to all of the rudeness going down in the world. It’s a gem!

True crime…etiquette crime that is!

Just an absolutely delightful show that has restored my faith in humanity. If you think you are the last human dedicated to never inconveniencing others, not overstepping boundaries and always sending thank you notes…take heart! There are others like you, and two of them host this charming podcast!

The bright light we all need right now!

I can’t tell you how much joy this show brings me. It truly has it all: it’s hilarious, Nick and Leah have a wonderful rapport and it’s the perfect outlet for for outrage at life’s little (and large) indignities. I really have learned so much — from obscure etiquette facts to how to handle nuanced social situations. And when you write in a question, Nick takes the time to answer! Sometimes he even asks follow up questions and does research! What really makes the show work, though, is the Nick and Leah’s abundant kindness and empathy — it’s clear in the way they treat each other and their listeners. They really are going to make the world a kinder place! If I could, I would make this show a mandatory part of the school curriculum. Thank you, Nick

Best entertainment

You two are SO good together and the questions are educational, fun and refreshing! I look forward to every episode. My past fav was Stuff You Should Know and We’re You Raised By Wolves is right up there on top with them now! Carry on you rascals for propriety! I’ll be listening. OH, and thank you for the fruitcake recipe.🤗

Candlewicks and Peking Duck

Please do yourself a favor and listen to this extraordinarily fun and informative Podcast. I alternate between slapping my hand and patting my head and all the while I’m learning and laughing.

My Good-Mood Show

This podcast always puts me in a good mood! The hosts are hilarious and thoughtful.

Funny, interesting and informative - I love this podcast!

Have you ever wondered…

My favorite questions begin with the words “Would it be rude if…” Inevitably, if you have to ask the question, the answer is yes! 😉 Nick and Leah give such great takes on the many etiquette questions that come their way. I enjoy that they sometimes have different responses to the situations. They also remind me to be more generous with my responses to people (yes, THE ANNOYING people). Thanks for putting together one of my favorite podcasts.

Were You Raised by Wolves ( I hope not!)

I am I in love with this podcast! I have learned some new things and been validated on so many more! The hosts are absolutely delightful! I’ve been binge listening and am almost caught up to real time! I think EVERYONE needs to listen to this, it can make us all more considerate and kind!!!

Great show!

But Leah, and everyone else, should tip 20% for take out.

Wonderful advice

The hosts are clever, thoughtful and full of useful information. Making the world a better place, one thank-you letter at a time.


I didn’t realize a podcast about etiquette could be inclusive and fun but this one is. It also contains a perfect amount of gentle snark. It’s like this a nice brunch with booze, if that makes any sense at all.

Love this show!!!!!

Absolutely love this show and find your voices so calming. Keep it up!!

Love this show!

I rally love this show! I look forward to listening every Monday to Nick and Leah providing quality information that is fun and thoughtful.

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