Were You Raised By Wolves?

Helped me through stressful times!

First of all, I love etiquette, so, of course I love this podcast. However, the last
8 months have been the hardest of my life! We’ve lost two family members in that time and there were many sleepless nights in hospital rooms (because I believe no one seriously ill should be alone in a hospital overnight). To ease my racing mind, I thought to use earphones and listen to … something! I subscribe to several podcasts but when it came right down to it: I always listened to Were You Raised By Wolves. I love the subject matter but I NEEDED the tone. It’s like sitting beside your best friends and everything is positive; it made me chuckle; and it really soothed me! Thank you for getting me through really tough sleepless nights! I’ll keep listening in good times too!

Aug. 4, 2022 by SleeplessByTheLake on Apple Podcasts

Were You Raised By Wolves?