Were You Raised By Wolves?

Antidote for a rude word

Oh my goodness! Where to begin with the praises I want to heap upon the fabulous hosts of this binge-worthy podcast. First off: this is fun, funny, addictive, educational, smart, and sassy. This is the rain in my desert. The oxygen in my cultural outer space. This is seriously soul-reviving funniness, and also legitimately helpful. Boom! With wit, empathy and humor this show has helped me to recalibrate my own manners, and has redeemed me in my displeasure with human behavior. People can be FSR (for sure rude!) and now I don’t feel quite so alone in my shock and horror.

Thank you Nick and Leah for helping us all to be better people, and for letting us share a collective laugh (or groan) at all of the crazy rudeness in the world. I believe that, in addition to feeling vindicated for all the nonsense I have put up with over the years, I now have better boundaries and more confidence after binging this podcast. I hope to never be the subject of one of your letter-writers’ rants!
This podcast is one of my favorites. It’s definitely in my top 5. Wonderful find. Love it!

March 28, 2022 by Nellyda A. on Apple Podcasts

Were You Raised By Wolves?