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Instant podcast pals 💛💛

Nick and Leah have such piquant personalities! You will love how these two embrace each listener to their show as if you were made to be podcast pals! I love their humor and their graceful attitude as they solve each of our daily woes and awkward situations we find ourselves in. So relatable! I am always learning new things that impress my fellow coworkers with knowledge from this podcast. Thank you for teaching us good manners and providing laughter for days!

Witty and on point!

Just when I thought etiquette rules were passé I found this podcast and it makes me laugh and smile during these difficult times. I especially love the banter between Leah and Nick! Thank you for this podcast!

My new favorite

Something to look forward to about Mondays! I am always excited to see what Nick and Leah are talking about, and it never disappoints. I love learning new things from the podcast, hearing and thinking about other perspectives, the warm, funny dialogue between Nick and Leah, and the fact that they make etiquette so accessible - anyone can do this, it is all about kindness and consideration for others ❤️ Thank you Nick and Leah, please be well and keep the podcasts coming!!!

You Will Love This Podcast!!

This is my favorite podcast. I look forward to Monday mornings because it means a new episode is out. Etiquette might sound boring, but Nick and Leah make it hilarious and interesting. You can also write in to ask questions. It is the best!!!! Listen to it!!

My new favorite podcast

What a fabulous idea for a podcast as I seem to encounter people who were raised by wolves on a daily basis. Thank you to Nick and Leah for the graceful but kind (and firm) way they coach us to handle all kinds of etiquette quandaries. I love this podcast!

Witty and classic

Nothing brings order and class into focus like Leah and Nick in WYRBW. It is refreshing to hear their analysis of modern day social dilemmas and I respect their resolutions. During these troubling times, WYRBW is a delightful reprieve and leaves one longing for gatherings of family and friends.

My favorite

Are you looking for a new podcast? The answer is YES and it’s this one. I look forward to each episode of WYRBW! Nick and Leah make learning about etiquette so exciting. Each episode is entertaining, informative, and I *always* learn something new. I have recommended to my friends and family.

So happy

Thank you for brining calm into the chaos, I feel so much better when I listen to this. I hope you get famous!

Frankly, I think the world needs more content like this. While some etiquette is outdated and unnecessary, the rules we follow as humans set us apart from, well... wolves! This podcast does a good job of digging into the nuance behind it all to get to the core of etiquette - treating each other respectfully.

Hilarious and Informative

Nick and Leah are so fun to listen to! Every minute of the podcast is a delight and I always learn something- especially during the amuse-bouche, which makes me feel so classy. I wrote to them for help overcoming a faux pas I had committed and got an incredibly helpful, polite, prompt, and warm response. Love this show! Subscribe!

Best start to the week

Love having this podcast waiting for me on Mondays. You might not always agree with their opinions on etiquette, but they will make you howl with laughter and feel super validated when you do agree.


You crack me up girl! The tone of your voice when you’re questioning something in shock is hilarious and I love it! You and Nick are a nice balance for eachother and I love the snarky banter between you two. Please don’t ever stop this podcast because I was raised by wolves and I need you guys in my life! Way more fun than Ms. Manners! Thanks guys!

Fun for family

I love listening to this podcast on Monday mornings (with the children) on the way to school! Informative, funny and family appropriate. It’s so difficult to find things we all want to listen to, this delightful show hits the mark.

The answer to world peace

This podcast brings me such an incredible amount of joy! Nick and Leah are such lovely hosts and have a rapport and banter that is effortless and absolutely delightful. I get an immediate case of the warm fuzzies when I’m notified of a new episode. I have a mental list of my favorite WYRBW-isms. At the top is “I don’t care for that” and as of yesterday “May your etiquette journey be strong and robust.” (Put THAT on a pillow immediately, please and thank you.) Manners and etiquette are the only things keeping us from total anarchy and utter chaos in the world. Nick and Leah, please don’t ever stop fighting the good fight! (Politely and respectfully, of course.)


I love this show! I would highly recommend it and never miss an episode.


I just love this podcast. Perfect combination of entertaining and informative. Also both hosts have very pleasant voices.

Highly entertaining! Smart! Clever! Must listen podcast!

Found this podcast when I stumbled upon Leah on Colbert. Running in Central Park + laughing at the same time is no easy feat, so in the end WYRW wins + running ceases. On a sad note, I’ve realized I’m at least 1/4 wolf, most likely 1/2 wolf when having cocktails. Btw did you know there are scissors for grapes? #TheMoreYouKnow #ImaFilthyAnimal

So refreshing, useful, fun and light!!!!

I listen to lots of podcasts, many which are deep and dark so I LOVE having WYRBW in the mix! (Otherwise I might spiral into a deep depression from all of the true crime!!!!). Anyhoo, Nick and Leah are a super fun duo and play off of one another beautifully. I am very critical of podcast quality -if I am going to spend hours upon hours of my free time listening, I want it to be excellent! So, I admire them for the great job they are doing!

My Friday podcast!

Love you guys so much ! Today’s podcast about Nick being told by the waiter had me in tears ! Thanks doing this 😍

One of my top podcasts

I first heard of this podcast when I saw Leah on the Colbert show. I was disappointed at first, to find out that this was a podcast about etiquette, and I thought ewww how boring. I couldn’t have been more wrong. I love listening to the two of you talk about how people should behave in certain situations. You do it in such a fun way and and it’s so entertaining. The other night I couldn’t sleep and I listened to almost all of the past episodes and I was never bored. Thanks for the great work and keep it up.

I Love Were You Raised by Wolves?

First, the name is great and makes me smile. Then, I love the organization of the topics being discussed as it makes them easy to digest. And then there’s the content itself: not only interesting and informative, but often delivered through funny anecdotes that allows one to potentially identify/sympathize with any faux pas and remember the good advice for future use.

Your new best friends

Great etiquette advice given with humor, grace, and total class of course! Love these two!

Always interesting and funny!

I’ve been loving this podcast so much, I love their tone and ideas and I’ve just been binging this show happily.

LOVE in all caps

This podcast is delightful. Nick and Leah are such a great team and always come up with really interesting topics. But it’s not all just fun and games! I have learned so much about etiquette from this show and while I was certainly raised by wolves I feel like every episode helps me live more civilly in society.


Hilarious. Informative. This podcast is fantastic!

Love RBW

RBW is by far my favorite podcast! Always interesting content, I’ve learned so much all while laughing hysterically along with the hosts. Keep the episodes coming!!!!


I’m so happy I found this podcast! I burned through all of the episodes in a matter of a couple weeks and love the brevity and how it isn’t inundated with constant sponsorships. However, I come back for Nick and Leah’s rapport. Their banter is a true delight and I love their takes on all things etiquette. I’m excited to hear what’s to come!

Great conversation starters

I have started using these podcast episode topics (such as re-gifting a gift) to ask friends what they think. It’s been so eye opening to see how my friends view etiquette (and also a little alarming should I ever get a gift from them in the future😅). I also like Nick and Leah’s thoughtful discussion and conversation.

You were raised by wolves if you don’t love this podcast

An etiquette podcast I never knew I needed and now don’t know what I would do without. I have learned more interesting etiquette tidbits (and gotten a lotttt more enjoyment) from this podcast than I did from years of etiquette classes my mom forced me to take as a pre-teen. Thanks for making Mondays the best!

Love this

I love this podcast. It’s informative and very funny at the same time. I need more episodes!!