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Yes I was

Life is even better when...

People listen to this podcast! Graciousness, laughter, and fun facts. What’s not to like!?!

Succinct and helpful

I love the chemistry between the hosts and their succinct answers to etiquette questions. Nice modern take.


Adorable and informative!

Love it!

I love so much about this podcast. Especially the way the hosts try to figure out what etiquette should be in today’s world (not just Miss Manner’s world). Funny, thought-provoking and informative.

So polite!

I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and I really appreciate you looking into what we prefer to be called! Depending on who I’m with and how casual I feel like being, I might call myself Mormon if they already know that I believe in Christ and am Christian. To a stranger, I would give the full title, unless they used Mormon first. Than I would make a casual note about it being a nickname, make sure they know our true name, and not worry about it after that.

Valuable Skills Provided!

Happy this podcast exists! Our community would be better served if more people listened and applied proper etiquette. Thank y’all!


This podcast is everything I needed and wanted it to be! I often find myself asking “who raised you?”, so this is excellent affirmation that I’m not crazy.

Love it!

Look forward to this podcast every week! Very entertaining and I learn something new each time I listen. I also love the relationship between the two hosts! They are so fun and it’s interesting to see their different points of view!

Love it

I look forward to listening to this podcast on my way home from work every week. Great job guys appreciate you


Seriously love, love, love your show! My anxiety is at an all time low knowing the appropriate mannerisms and etiquette to tackle so many situations! Thank you for keeping me company and making me laugh out load with so many relatable situations!

Love this podcast!

I’m not exactly sure how I found this podcast, perhaps the wonderful algorithm gods at Apple led me to it. Whatever the reason, Nick and Leah keep me entertained and are the only deviation from my normal fare of news, business and similarly dry topics. I always end up with a hearty chuckle or the occasional belly laugh. Thank you! (Lisa in DC 😊)

Love your show

Good every time. One note: Leah, could you consider that maybe you were right the first time, as a child, about lobsters? Think of our vast cruelty when we tear them apart after tying them up in captivity. Remember how smart they are and how long they live without us. Haven’t we done enough damage?

Podcast Excellence!

This show is such a breath of fresh air! Especially during such uncertain and unfamiliar times. I love that the format is consistent and I come away with new information after every episode! Many thanks to Nick and Leah! 💛


This is a great show. Easy to listen to and family friendly. LOVE Leah and Nick!

Thank you, Leah and Nick

As a stay at home mom of two little boys, my brain is often thirsty for something other than Spiderman and poop jokes (though both are fun!). I look forward to Monday mornings because I listen to your podcast before diving into another week of child rearing. I learn a little something and always enjoy the banter. Leah and Nick, I think you are both lovely! Thanks for the podcast and keep them coming!

You need this

I never miss an episode. After having been raised by wolves myself I am trying to be a better example for my kids and not embarrass myself and others. They give you all the info you need in a fun format.

A great way to start your week!

I will start by saying I love this podcast and you will too! The upbeat and fun way etiquette is presented will keep you coming back each week. Nick is so well researched you’ll learn international etiquette too. I personally adore the vent or repent segment. I love to vent about poor behavior as a strict rule follower!

Incisive + Charming Podcast

I LOVE this podcast. I would have expected an etiquette podcast to be uptight and stuffy but this one makes you feel warm and fuzzy. It’s funny and honest and Nick and Leah perfectly balance each other. And who knew there was a proper way to eat grapes or that phone flashlights in restaurants could spark such heated debate? Well worth the listen!!

Delightful and Light

Purely fun podcast with the right amount of cattiness - if I had your address I would write you a handwritten note on my custom stationary ❤️


Cute and fun. Feels refreshing.

Sorely Needed

This podcast is sorely needed in this day and age, if not just for a good reminder of how I need to behave. Great topics, fun presentation. Wish it were twice weekly!

Raised by Wolves

These two are witty and thoughtful. They look at all angles of the dilemma and are very common sense with their conclusions. I love listening to them. They both seem like great people that I’d want to know!!

Charming and informative

Love this chatty, humorous podcast. Leah sounds like the nicest person in the world, and Nick is wonderful with his shock at some of the questions they get (and some of Leah's positions on etiquette!) Highly recommend.

Light, Fun, Informative

I look forward to every new episode.

Funny and helpful!

Nick and Leah are terrific! Personable and funny they offer both useful and interesting advice.

Once you start listening, you’re hooked!

My husband and I started listening to the podcast on a road trip. He has never heard of it but a friend had recommended it so we decided to listen. Hours later and he didn’t want to listen to anything else! I also got a really kind, clever email from Nick personally answering an etiquette question I sent it. They’re awesome!!!

How to Adult

Nick and Leah are amazing! I love how they teach you the proper way to handle awkward situations. They’re funny and keep it light and modern. I have learned more about manners than I ever did in cotillion since I started binging this podcast!

It would be rude not to subscribe

Absolutely brilliant. Smart, relevant and oh-so-funny. Nick and Leah are perfect cohosts and offer up excellent advice for navigating a crazy-changing world with manners and grace. Love this show.

Delightful and smart

Living in a major city, I often find myself wondering how we have arrived at a place in time when good manners seem optional to many. So it was both a relief and an inspiration to discover Were You Raised by Wolves? I am uplifted by the generosity of spirit brought forth by Leah and Nick, and thoroughly entertained by their delivery and thoughtful approach to etiquette. I’ve shared this podcast with everyone. Thanks so very much for this gift! - Janice W.