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Love it!

Such a fun listen and a reminder to use my manners :)

Head and shoulders above the rest

I stumbled onto this podcast and am so happy that I did after unsubscribing to another manners podcast - "Shmanners." The "Were You Raised by Wolves" hosts are funny, informative, timely and don't push a social agenda. Just good, practical advice delivered in an entertaining way. I think that listeners of all ages will find something to benefit from here.

Love this podcast

Not only is this podcast entertaining, I learn something new in each episode. I cannot recommend this podcast enough!

Love love love

SO happy when these show up in my feed! I almost always learn something... even though manners and grammar were a BIG DEAL in my family. I love the humor and I always get a good laugh!! I want to have a cocktail with Nick and Leah, they seem like so much fun.

Love this show

Funny, entertaining, and best of all I can listen with my little kids in the car. My three year old actually asks for the “wolves podcast” 🤣

Makes my Monday mornings :-)

Something funny and informative to look forward to on Monday mornings. Thank you, Leah and Nick!

Entertaining AND helpful in daily life!!

I love this show! Nick and Leah are absolutely delightful, and the subject matter is always interesting and often relevant to my daily life. Etiquette is such a lost art and difficult to navigate in our tech-heavy reality, and it's refreshing to hear thoughtful discussion and practical advice on common issues. I love the podcast so much that I joined their Patreon, which I would HIGHLY recommend to anyone for bonus fun videos, a Vent or Repent page, and a super helpful VIP hotline for etiquette questions. They have given me great advice on some etiquette conundrums I've had in my own life. And the Vent or Repent feature is just vital for surviving in this often rude world! Thanks Nick and Leah for putting on a great podcast!

I love this show!

This podcast warms my heart, teaches me something, and makes me laugh. Leah and Nick are such a good team. I sing the song to everyone I know!

This is my favorite show!

No salt on your buttery corn cobs, L? REALLY?!? I am shook. I friggin’ love this show. Always lifts me up and makes me smile 😊

Cute and Helpful

The cheerful hosts present practical advice for our little (but sometimes significant) etiquette queries. They have great rapport and make me smile (and sometimes verbally participate in their discussions) during my commute.

Such a wonderful, happy show!

This podcast has given me such joy in these hard times. The hosts are so funny and the topics are always interesting! I often listen in the middle of the night when I’m up with my baby, and it’s the perfect lighthearted show to keep me entertained and lessen my anxiety and worries.

Consistently entertaining and delightful!

Ugh, I know, a show about manners! Pretentious, right? Not with this team! I cannot get enough of this show. It’s funny 👏🏼 it’s interesting 👏🏼 it’s thought-provoking 👏🏼 it’s timely 👏🏼 “Were You Raised By Wolves” actually helps us become better, more thoughtful human beings! Why isn’t everyone listening to this? I can’t get enough of this podcast, and I recommend it to everyone!

Love this podcast!

Nick and Leah are awesome. Just the right amount of information and practical advice balanced with cheekiness and warmth. Both of them are so classy and kind.


Love love love the podcast. Nick and Leah have a great chemistry together, the podcast is funny, thoughtful and lighthearted. I can’t wait to listen to it every time it pops up on my feed. Keep up the good work guys and let’s spread some good manners in the world.

Love this podcast

It answers a lot of questions that I never thought of asking. Hosts have good synergy. However, I hate the obnoxious buzzer during Vent or Repent. Too loud and jarring especially with earbuds on. Pls replace it with something else 🙏

Best and Worst Parts of the Podcast

The best parts of this spectacular podcast are that it’s short, sweet, simple, and snappy! The rapport between Nick and Leah is to die for, and these two are definitely my dream dinner guests. The worst part of this podcast is that it DOESN’T HAVE ENOUGH EPISODES. I audibly gasped when I reached the most recent episode and realized I have to wait weekly to be entertained by these two and— cue the tears— I just couldn’t handle it. I haven’t found a single podcast as entertaining as this one and have gone through the episodes twice now. Leah’s howl will forever resonate in my heart. 12/10 HAVE ANNOYINGLY RECOMMENDED TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND FAMILY <3

Just what we need today!

I read a review in the LA Times a few months ago and I knew that I had to listen in. As our society manners continue to break down in the age of Karen’s and Trump tweets, I found the comfort of Nick’s etiquette obsession and Leah’s real world usage and repenting to be just the signpost that our fractured culture needed. If, like me, you were not raised by wolves and you want to have a respite from a world of obnoxious tweets, phone obsession and a lack of what used to be accepted common courtesy, then this is a podcast to embrace. Now, make your kids listen to it.


A wonderful Insta-friend recommended this and she was spot on. I absolutely love this podcast (yes I went back to listen to all the episodes starting from the 1st!). They discuss so many topics and I never fail to learn something new. Will be recommending to everyone!

My favorite podcast

This is my favorite podcast to listen to, high key. I started listening to this podcast in the beginning of 2020 as a way to brush up on my etiquette skills as I mature into an adult. It’s refreshing to listen to this podcast, especially during these hard times. For months, this was the only podcast I could listen to that didn’t mention COVID, as I was sick of hearing about it on the news. Nick and Leah vibe together so well. And they’ve managed to make etiquette actually fun. This podcast is great for both adults and children. As someone who was “raised by Wolves” I am thankful for any resource that can assist me in becoming a refined adult.

Great podcast!

I just love this show! A wide variety of topics and situations are discussed. Manners, etiquette and being mindful of the feelings of other people have never been more important!

Even if the title didn’t make me laugh ... .

I don’t listen to every episode of this podcast just because the title makes me LOL. I listen because it is both fun and informative. I was raised to be polite and tried to pass that on to my daughter. She knows I will wave in thanks if a car’s driver lets me change lanes in front of them (nobody seems to do that anymore) ... or will say “ excuse me” when burping in an empty room. What I don’t do as well is handle my feelings when others behave as if wolves raised them. This is where Nick’s advice comes in so handy because he has such a light touch. He makes the medicine go down with a spoonful of sugar. Reader letters are answered with thoughtfulness and in good humor and Nick and Leah play off each other nicely. Keep dispensing advice, you two, and stay safe.

A breath of fresh air!

I love hearing Nick and Leah’s commentary and advice on etiquette issues. They manage to come across as simultaneously animated, informative, entertaining, and kind. In contrast to other podcasts that dwell on the (abundant) miseries of the world, Were You Raised By Wolves? focuses on the little and big ways we can maintain civility and kindness. Bravo!

Fun, entertaining, friendly and insightful!

I started listening to WRYBW during the 2020 global pandemic. I would’ve loved this at any time, but especially right now, having a couple extra friendly voices in my world talking about things that befuddle, vex or “grind my gears” is a welcome diversion. The show is a unique mix of entertaining and educational, and both the hosts restore my faith in the goodness of humanity. I also take a lot of real life lessons from the episodes. Thank you Leah and Nick!

Absolutely love it!

The hosts are thoughtful, interesting and always entertaining. I love the combination of everyday and obscure topics and the easy repartee and obvious friendship between Leah and Nick. I became a Patreon member and now get to look forward to an extra shot of WYRBW during the week… Yay! Many thanks for bringing a little extra sunshine into my day and always making me laugh.

Fabulous & entertaining!

This well-paced podcast is a joy every week! Nick is like a true friend politely clueing you in to potential faux pas, and Leah is a fabulous compliment! They have good chemistry, and stay on topic, with little personal tidbits, (not derailing the whole show on an off-topic rant!). If you are not the least bit interested in etiquette, you will still love this fun show! It’s often the highlight of my week,

Great show!

Who knew a podcast about etiquette could be so entertaining. This show is lots of fun and a lovely distraction from the depressing news everyday. Thank you!

Love this show

Such a fun and informative show about etiquette. Give it a listen.

Making my nana proud

I ADORE this podcast. I feel as though I am learning so much, from tiny but deep dives into very specific etiquette situations to thoughtful advice on common situations to validation of my feelings about etiquette crimes. My nana would be very pleased to know I regularly spend time improving my politeness skills. Plus, the relationship and fondness between the hosts comes through so clearly and is just fun to listen to. Thanks, y’all!

Clever, Kind, and Funny

I’ve spent so long in quarantine that I’ve almost forgotten about etiquette quandaries! This podcast has made me laugh and cringe at etiquette crimes. Thank you to Nick and Leah!

I’m obsessed

Informative and hilarious. Leah, please never stop howling!