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One of the BEST podcasts out there

Each week I’m so excited to hear the fresh release only to be sad when it’s over! Just can’t get enough! Clutch my pearls! I laugh out loud and most often totally agree with the answers given ... although that’s not to say I haven’t learned new things!!! Often I’m shocked at the audacity of some people! Thanks for standing up for doing what’s right and kind! If you need something positive and encouraging in these dark days... listen! You’ll be so glad you did!

I am in love with Nick and Leah!!

This show is SO delightful. I just marathoned all the episodes and CANNOT WAIT for the next one. More, please!! (I'll write you a hand-written thank you note!) Truly a great show!!

Opera episode, etc.

Working my way to the earlier episodes, back from the top. Enjoying them all, because every episode is brilliant. But WHY is the "number of ratings" STUCK at 645? That is ABSOLUTELY impossible. Over the last 3 months, it must have reached 10,000 👍🏼, and yet -- the needle never moves! PLEASE check that out, O techy person who accesses the Apple Podcasts infrastructure (substructure? Superstructure?) ! Seriously: verify!!!

This is so good

I love Nick and Leah. Everyone needs to listen to this podcast so no one has to wonder if they were raised by wolves.

Triple Cream French Brie

My desert island cheese is a triple cream French brie! I’m only 4 binge episodes in but this is my new favorite. Awfully hard to listen while running - do not recommend doing this for fear of laughter tripping you up. Too many laughs. I often use the phrase “were you raised by wolves?”, especially when talking to my roommates about the brand new dish towels that end up crumpled up and wet on the opposite side of the kitchen instead of hung back nicely where they found them. This show validates so many thoughts-how self satisfying!

A Lifesaver!

I don’t remember how I found this podcast but, OMG, I am so glad I did! After a year full of nothing but bad news and dire predictions, this thirtyish minute break in my day has been a lifesaver! My only concern now is what will I do when I am caught up with all the back episodes and only have one a week to depend on! Maybe the world will have calmed down by then. Thank you for this silly and yet sophisticated respite of entertaining information! Proud to be a wild pup!

Informative and funny

Thanks for the great show!

Both helpful and hilarious! 💯🛠😆❤️

Perfect combination of utility and entertainment! I can relate so much to having these grievances/questions and am glad that I now have a resource for the answers. Keep it up, Nick and Leah!

Nick and Leah are a light in my life

I’ve been binging this podcast for a few weeks now and I just love the levity that Nick and Leah bring to a lot of really tough situations. They take me out of every day stresses, and teach me things I had no idea I didn’t know. They have such a warm, bright friendship and you can tell there is real affection there. Absolutely tops in terms of podcast hosts, and Nick replied to a question I sent in and was absolutely lovely. He actually wrote the email, no form letter or anything like that. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised, this is the man that lives and dies by written thank you notes. He had no way of knowing my life is incredibly stressful right now, and that email nearly brought me to tears. It was so kind. Thank you guys! Keep it up, I am always looking forward to your new episodes.

Very entertaining

This is one of my favorite podcasts. Great to have on while you cook, drive across town, etc. I love hearing all of the crazy predicaments other listeners get in. It’s a strange world sometimes! Nick and Leah give good advice and their reactions are great. Nick is the etiquette expert, while Leah is all of us who hate awkwardness/confrontation and just want there to be peace. They balance each other perfectly. And I can’t resist singing along to the theme song! Would definitely recommend.

You tube video etiquette

Thank you for touching on my admittedly anal question/rant. And to clarify...Yes (thank you Nick!) I did mean in person. As in- live/in real time/face to face. Xox

My new favorite podcast!

Great advice and I laugh out loud every time

My Favorite

These two make me laugh out loud. They are both fabulous. Also, Leah has the best laugh EVER and I love that Nick likes to write personal notes. Follow them (even if it’s off a cliff!)!


The advice that I’ve received from Nick and Leah has directly influenced on my life in a positive way on several occasions! I’m so grateful to have their help when negotiating tricky social situations. Helpful and fun. Bravo!


You guys are making me so happy tonight, thank you!!!

Love this podcast!

Silly, fun, smart and wise, Nick and Leah are charming.

So funny and informative!

Nick and Leah are a perfect podcast pair - Nick as the expert and Leah as the funny girl who reacts to each topic from her down-to-earth and casual perspective. You're bound to learn something about the proper way to partake from a cheese tray and how to behave in social settings that may have you wondering if you're about to commit a faux pas. I like that there is humor without meanness in the discussions.

I recommend this to EVERYONE

I truly ADORE you both and this podcast. I have so many laughs and look forward to a new episode every week. Nick and Leah are absolute delights and they bring me so much joy!! Island Cheese: Drunken Goat Cheese - highly recommend that as well. PS. Nick, you and I share the same washer/dryer fantasy.

I look forward to listening every week

Nick and Leah, thank you for this delightful, funny, and educational podcast. I have learned so much, and have had such fun listening. My desert island cheese is Cabot extra sharp cheddar. I lived on an actual island for a few months, and this was the cheese I missed the most! Also, even though I do not live in NYC, I find the city-specific etiquette fascinating!

Funny and Fresh

This is my favorite podcast. Among the craziness that is 2020 and beyond, I am delighted every week when I get to escape my stress for a few minutes, and listen to the hilarious etiquette crimes others encounter. Any podcast that gets to use the word “egregious” multiple times, is worth a listen. If you have been wronged, and are hesitant about submitting a question, don’t be! Nick and Leah can help! They are kind, considerate, knowledgeable, and professional. And did I mention funny!? It’s for the good of society that we all learn the correct ways to conduct ourselves. We can all stand to be a little more polite and considerate of other.

Everyone could benefit from listening to this show

As a person who would consider herself socially aware and polite, I've already learned so much. This show is simultaneously informative and cathartic, and Nick and Leah have the perfect host dynamic. My new favorite podcast!

Shining Point of the Week!

I look forward to my Monday's because a new episode is released. Funny, poignant, and educational.


Terrific podcast. Great chemistry between the hosts, plenty of humor, and good advice on manners. I love this podcast.

Hilarious and educational, all in one

My favorite podcast! If everyone listened to this show and heeded their advice, the world would be a better place. In the meantime, this can bring you some joy and relief, knowing there are others also suffering from the accidental rudeness of strangers and loved ones alike everywhere in the world.

Great show!

This was an unexpected find for me- I don’t even remember how I learned about the show. But I’m so happy I did! I love both the hosts, and I also love that it’s not incessant banter like many other shows. You can see their personalities but they get right to the topics. Always a fun and informative listen!

Get ready to be educated

Nick and Leah are prepared to answer any etiquette query thrown at them. All while being effortlessly charming and fun. They helped me with my dream catcher conundrum and I couldn’t be more thankful.

Confused? Don’t be!

Don’t know how to act in public? It’s ok! Nick and Leah will navigate you through the maze of etiquette. These two crack me UP! This is my new favorite podcast!

A great show on etiquette and good life tips.

The hosts warm my heart and appreciate their chemistry as they field questions regarding etiquette and manners. I have used their examples in real life situations with great results, too.

Fantastic show alert!

Leah and Nick are a lovely pair of proponents of good manners. We need them to guide us towards a world where bad behavior is a distant memory. Listen to this podcast and reap the rewards.

My new favorite podcast!

I love the witty banter and funny exchanges of these fantastic hosts. I now look forward to Mondays because that’s when new episodes drop!