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Podcast 78 husband irked by mom washing sheets

I think if it offends the husband that his mother in law is washing the sheets upon her departure, the wife should bring it up with her mom not to wash the sheets; provided that the husband agrees to wash & replace them on the guest bed in the future within 6 hours of the mother in laws departure. IF he fails to timely get this accomplished within the 6 hour window, he shall pay for a spa service, hair service or shopping trip in the amt of $300.00. I think that’s fair.

So awesome!!

Nick and Leah are soooooo fun to listen to! Funny, smart...every second of this podcast is great. I’ve learned a lot, and laughed a TON. I very much recommend this podcast.

You need this podcast in your life

_Were You Raised By Wolves?_ is wildly entertaining, educational, and relatable. Nick and Leah are a perfect pair. Just simply a delight to listen to each week - I laugh, I learn, I impatiently wait a week and then do it all again. The show is expertly organized and edited ; no rambling or long-winded tangents here (although I wouldn’t mind a little of that at all from these two - can’t get enough!). My only criticism is that the bonus episodes do not include the AMAZING and *very* danceable theme song at the intro.

Cordials of Kindness

I’d like to thank YOU, Nick and Leah! For leading us through the wilderness of etiquette with your knowledge and hilarity. I look forward to each and every episode!

A howl out to Nick & Leah!

Were you raised by wolves? is fantastically entertaining, heart-warming, and renewing faith in humanity one answer, vent or repent at a time.

Love it!

Absolutely great ! It has made me more cautious and mindful with interacting in the world.

I am in love with Nick and Leah!

This show is SO delightful. I just marathoned all the episodes and CANNOT WAIT for the next one. More, please!! (I'll write you a hand-written thank you note!) Truly a great show!!

Manners Still Matter!

I love this podcast! Nick and Leah are entertaining AND educational. I learn something new every time I listen. Highly recommend this podcast if you are into manners and etiquette.

Fabulous podcast

Nick and Leah are wonderful. Each week they make me smile and give me hope for a kinder, happier and funnier world. Can’t wait for each new episode!

My new obsession

I adore this podcast. It’s funny, it’s informative, it’s relatable and Nick and Lea have great chemistry. I love everything about this podcast, never stop!

Great podcast!

I love this fun show. The hosts have a wonderful rapport. They are knowledgeable and thoughtful without being condescending, Their advice is spot on too!

Nick and Leah are amazing

There’s a tiktok line that has become very viral because I think a lot of us feel like we’ve been slowly losing the knowledge on how to interact with people (both strangers and not): “at this point in covid I am 98% feral and I will not be able to go back to civilization”. Nick and Leah give me hope for the future that I may be able to come out on the other side somewhat still self- (and socially) aware.

You are a cordial of kindness!

I love how much I have learned about interacting with people during this year of non interactions! The wolves that raised me would be proud of your kind, gentle reminders of how people can be a better with a touch more manners. Thank you

Best way to start a week!

I was suggested this podcast by a friend over a year ago and it has been a regular in my podcast rotation ever since. Nick and Leah are witty and charming, and make Mondays not so bad.

My favorite podcast!

There is so much to love about RBW. Nick and Leah’s banter is probably the top reason. They are having so much fun, and I am guaranteed several out-loud laughs per episode. I love the amuse-bouche because Leah and I will always learn something new from Nick and his research. I love the way Nick and Leah work through the letter-writers’ questions, and that their advice sometimes evolves as they hear each other out. And I especially love Leah’s howl from the wilderness! Thanks for a great show!

A balm for the weary soul

Nick and Leah are so quick, funny, and incisive that listening to them feels like whizzing along on a bike on the first day of spring. My go-to “listen to before bed to effectively keep the existential dread at bay” podcast, and the only podcast whose episodes I’ve ever re-listened-to because they were just too fun to only listen once!

Great podcast

Nick and Leah you are great and thank you for the honest advice and not sugarcoating the issues and not giving everyone a trophy! You are both awesome 💕

A great way to start the week

I look forward to Monday mornings because that is when the new episodes of Were You Raised by Wolves are released! The podcast is both useful and delightful. Nick and Leah make me think but also give me a good chuckle in the process. I find them both to be smart and charming. Subscribe!

So fun

Great chemistry between the hosts and a vast spectrum of etiquette situations make for a fun and interesting listen. Hard to imagine a listener not learning something new and/or chuckling at the hosts’ exchanges. Loving it!

Delightful In Every Way

This is my new favorite podcast! It’s light and funny, but also surprisingly informative, and even a little cathartic. Nick and Leah have such great senses of humor and sparkling chemistry. Were You Raised by Wolves is a delight!

Love it!

I look forward to this every week. It’s fun and light hearted and always put a smile on my face :)

Don’t be a savage

One of the funniest and informative podcasts that you didn’t know you needed! I’ve learned so many great things about how not to act like an animal in polite society! Awooooooooooooo!

Funny and informative

These two are an absolute hoot and I wish I were friends with them in real life! They offer thought-out, sensible etiquette advice and have lots of fun conversation doing so. Very entertaining!

simply enjoyable

This is one of those podcasts were listening to it, you feel as though you are sitting at a table with some friends having a lively discussion. I was definitely raised by wolves - we ate ice cream from the container, never waited for everyone to sit down to start eating, and many more atrocities Ms Manners would be aghast at. While I am hardly reverent to manners now, this podcast brings levity and entertainment to my workday. And I do at least learn what I was supposed to be doing all along, even if I don’t act on it ;) Thanks Leah and Nick!

This is a GREAT podcast!

I have not historically been a podcast person, but one of my resolutions for 2021 waste try some out instead of just playing the same music over and over. I am SO glad I started this one. Nick and Leah and funny and nice to listen to, and I’ve also learned a lot. I finish every episode just feeling happy. And sometimes snarky - in a good way. I burned through all their recent episodes while cooking in the kitchen or walking around town, so I’m now working through older ones, and I hope I never run out.

Yes Yes Yes!

This podcast is the ONLY podcast I confidently subscribe to. Thank you for making me laugh. Thank you for not having annoying commercials ten times throughout your show. Thank you for giving me a little joy when I see there is a new episode. LISTEN TO THIS PODCAST!

Be a better person by listening to this podcast!

Nick and Leah give absolutely fantastic advice on how to navigate tricky situations while being kind, courteous, and still looking out for yourself. It is such a delight to hear new episodes every week!

I absolutely LOVE this podcast, and the hosts are perfect!

This is some awesome, and welcomingly wholesome, entertainment wrapped into an educational club sandwich of delight! Nick and Leah have a pretty great friendship, and they present these episodes with such great energy. I absolutely adore all of their “Oh!”s (there are so many! Haha) that they each vocalize in response to some surprising bit of information or opinion, etc. It’s a thoroughly great time! I am currently binging from the beginning, and it just brightens my day! When my kids are a bit older, I plan to have this podcast as a part of their homeschooling curriculum! (Social studies! It counts!!)

Run, don’t walk, to subscribe!

This fantastic podcast has it all - witty repartee, substance, and inspiration for all of us to make this world better together!

lighthearted and you learn stuff!

Just a really sweet, thoughtful podcast about navigating manners and socializing that doesn't beat you over the head with yelling and raging. Nick and Leah are great together. And yeah, you learn stuff! Like how to eat from a cheese plate! And hopefully you'll learn that you fall on the right sidfe of the manners line!