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Yes! Laughter is the best medicine and YOU heal me regularly!

I listen to Nick and Leah every time I need to snap out of a funky mood and it works every time. I laugh so hard. Mostly at myself whom I’ve come to learn WAS raised by wolves. Whoopsies! Thank goodness I’m learning how to be polite now. 40 is younger than never!

Love it!!

Leah and Nick sound like they’re having as much fun recording these episodes as I’m having listening to them. They hit the exact right balance of funny and serious. Bonus: somehow even when they’re being super judgy it doesn’t come across as mean 😂

Laugh out loud

This podcast is one of the best! The topics they come up with and how they address them make me laugh! Anyone can relate, and anyone can learn a thing or two about how to be a better human being from this podcast. I look forward to this podcast every week and you will too I just know it!

Learning so much!

Not all of the tips and rules are necessarily applicable to my 20-something just-graduated life, but it’s sure entertaining and it have learned so much!!! I love the balance Leah and Nick strike. I feel like I know them personally just from listening! Wrote in once, Fingers crosses I get some of their good advice either on or off the air! Love this pod!

Best podcast to come around in a long time!

Sooo good! Laugh out loud funny and also interesting. Can’t wait for a live show!!

A gem

I could listen to these hosts for hours! Helpful information flavored with humor.


This podcast is a total delight and it speaks to so many relatable awkward social interactions. My need to be conscientious has made me all kinds of anxious, but this show is a great guide to navigating personal questions, tipping, holidays, and all things etiquette. Whether it’s at work or on an airplane, wherever you interact with people, Nick and Leah will speak to it. As a word of caution, I nearly fell off a treadmill laughing at how relatable their reactions are to faux pas.


So much fun!

my new favorite podcast!

Love Nick and Leah! I love 3 things about the podcast - the great information, the wonderful humor and rapport btween the hosts, and the fact that I feel like I have two new friends. Please, keep it up !

Relatable, educational and empowering!

This podcast is so relatable, I feel like nearly all of these rude scenarios have happened to me before. Now, I feel empowered to stand up for myself! I also love the way that Nick and Leah see things a little differently and give their own perspective. It’s such an entertaining podcast, I can’t stop listening to it! I highly recommend it.

Should be required listening for everyone!

I love this clarification of new rules of etiquette! Headphones, texts over dinner, speakerphones, ghosting and all the new things Miss Manners never experienced ! And crappy relatives perhaps she did but ignored. Love it!!!!!!! Ok I asked for an answer and got one in less than an hour. Very fine manners!!! Wonderful mentors.

Best way to start the week!

Thank you Nick and Leah for bringing this gem of a podcast to us. I love starting my week with such positivity. I always learn something new to both use and torture my coworkers with etiquette quiz questions!

So delightful

I LOVE this podcast. I just started listening today and I’ve already binged around 5 episodes. I love that the hosts politely discuss and consider different angles to the etiquette questions- they have wonderful balance and chemistry. The sound quality is also fantastic which makes for a pleasant listen. I can not wait until I think of an etiquette question!

Great podcast

If hell is other people, this podcast works to make hell as pleasant as possible. An entertaining look at navigating modern living with funny and informative hosts. Would recommend for everyone who wants to make an effort towards a smoother life for everyone.

Great show! Even if you have manners you should listen.

Never thought I would be laughing out loud at “cotillion” lessons. You are both the bells at the Debutante Ball.

5 paws up

I get so excited when I see a new episode of WYRBW. My husband heard me listening to it and LOVED it, too. :D

Best for everyone podcast that is not true crime

I mostly listen to true crime podcasts, but then I found Were You Raised By Wolves. This is the podcast my husband and I can listen to together and enjoy without him complaining there’s too much cursing. Nick and Leah make etiquette interesting and fun. I especially love learning about archaic etiquette like grape scissors. I can’t get enough of this podcast and wish it a long life. You should be listening.

I am Mowgli and I don’t know the law of the Jungle

Funny, well paced banter that fills my lonely life with a level of disdain and privilege that I will probably never achieve! (Sarcasm), but seriously, if I am ever in New York City, I will be sure to follow these tips if I am ever taken (by a sugar daddy) to a fancy place

A heartfelt warm conversation with your smart and funny friend

Adorable and funny! And very smart. I love how they answer etiquette questions with humility, humor and compassion. Did I mention how funny and entertaining they are? But they also take on more serious questions. We often find ourselves carrying on the discussion after the show ends. Lots of food for thought without the heartburn ;-)

Etiquette Done Right

Leah and Nick are two of the most relatable podcast hosts I listen because they are different in their takes. I think all can relate to one or the other when the two dispense etiquette and just common politeness takes. In addition to producing an entertaining and funny pod about etiquette (who knew), they are so prompt in answering emails sent to the pod and are SO personable in the responses. I will continue to sing praises to anyone that is willing (or not) about Were You Raised By Wolves.

The podcast I never knew I wanted

I love learning things and comedy and this combines both in a way I love! I laugh while secretly learning how to be less of a mess in public! What could be better?

Water in an Etiquette Oasis

This podcast has reaffirmed that I am not alone in my loyalty to hand written thank you notes and other social niceties. Kept me afloat during impossible wedding planning!

Relate and Learn!

Nick and Leah are so fun to listen to! They bring up so many scenarios that everyone can relate to and you can learn etiquette advice along the way - some things maybe you’ve always wondered about and topics that have never crossed your mind. They always make me laugh!

Is it rude to ask for more?

I can not get enough of this podcast. Leah and Nick are witty, funny, and quite lovely to listen to!!! I wrote in and literally squealed when I got a response from Nick. This podcast is much worth the listen. I could not be happier I found it! Leah and Nick, please, make two podcasts a week: I can NOT get enough!!

Brilliant concept- funny show

This show is not only funny but also useful. Etiquette is something many are ignorant of and we can all use help.

I’m obsessed!

Nick and Leah are witty and a total delight to listen to. I can’t get enough of this podcast, mostly because I’ve been doing so much of my life wrong apparently! BUT help has arrived! A modern take on etiquette and manners in short episodes. Love it!

A fun and entertaining dive into the world of etiquette. I particularly love Nick's and Leah's focus on the weird history behind what we consider "good manners." Definitely worth a listen for anyone who wants to ensure their social interactions are polite and courteous.

This podcast ruined my life…

I’ve listened to a few episodes now and evidently I was raised by an entire pack of wolves. So, now I question my every action in every social situation (do I extend my pinky when I pick up my can of beer?). Seriously, though, Nick and Leah are fun and witty, and they have great chemistry together. And I do learn a thing or two with every episode. Keep it up!

Useful, refreshing wit

A refreshing change from the local news during my commute with 250% more humor and wit, yet equally insightful. Delivered in easily digestible bites, although I’d prefer to devour (with appropriate use of utensils, of course!).

An Awful Lot of People Are...Awful

I have come to the conclusion that every grandmother on planet earth has died, and with them, so too, the notion of good manners. Hilarious podcast dispensing necessary truths!