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This was instantly my favorite podcast. The hosts are so charming and fun and funny, and always spot-on with their advice. They brighten my day and I’ve also learned a few things from listening (I was definitely not raised by wolves myself, but there’s always room for improvement, right?). Five stars all around for this gem!

New favorite

I love this podcast SO MUCH! Not only are Nick and Leah hilarious together, I also learn new etiquette tips each time I listen! Fortunately, my etiquette is almost as perfect as Nick’s but it’s a great tool to send episodes to my rude friends. 😂 I love listening. I live for their vent/repents! Thank you!

First of all, can you beat this title? It perfectly captures the attitude of the show — listen to it, you'll see what I mean. Nick and Leah dive VERY deep into not only simple but complicated etiquette situations. Their depth of understanding is great, but they have a good amount of fun with each of the circumstances they tackle. Great podcast in my regular routine.

The right mix of humor, information, and delightfulness!

Finally, a podcast that says exactly what I'm thinking. I need this in my life. Looking forward to the next episode!!

Funnily providing critical info

I love the way you present info about how one can look at ease and knowledgeable in every social situation. My only critical point is-lighting the menu is a restaurant is PERFECTLY FINE! Really! ✌️

Love this podcast!

I don't even know how I found this podcast but I love checking my etiquette and hearing the humorous banter between Nick and Leah - great podcast!

My latest obsession! Truly Great!!

LOVE everything about this show: The pace, the tone, the insights. It's funny AND thoughtful, which makes it incredibly delightful.

Can’t wait to use the theme song!

I found this by accident and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. I’m confirming long held practices and learning new things. I can’t wait for the opportunity to use the theme song to raise etiquette awareness. I plan to sing “were you raised by wollllvveeesss” to highlight the offending behavior. I’ve shared the podcast with other manners loving friends.


I like to think I have good manners, but this podcast has shown me I have a lot to learn about etiquette. Nick and Leah’s banter is light hearted without being silly. I enjoy their back and forth immensely. Do yourself a favor and give this a listen. It’s never too late to better yourself.

Fantastic Podcast!

In a world filled with strife and uncivil behaviour, this podcast is an oasis in the desert. Practical advice for everyday situations to spread a bit of light and civility in your little corner of the world.

The perfect amount of banter and helpful information!

I love a good etiquette chat and this one definitely does not disappoint! Each episode covers different topic and provides insightful information on how to handle a variety of social situations. Thanks for producing such an awesome podcast.


I love that the hosts always get right to the point each episode. Don’t get me wrong - I also love banter-heavy pods - but there is something so refreshing about this. Also, I have learned SO much about things I might never even think about. Thank you!

Much needed podcast!!

This podcast is so necessary to listen to if you ever interact with other humans and don’t want to appear like you grew up in a cave. Nick and Leah are so entertaining and answer questions that I often ask myself. I really enjoy evolving into a better version of myself after every listen. I want more :)

A delight

Such an enjoyable show; I look forward to every episode!

I’m a Wolf

Being v. Chaotic Neutral it’s not totally my parents’ fault - though they are somewhat wolf-like I’ve taken it to the next level. This podcast helps me rein myself in. Thanks Nick & Leah!

This podcast should be required listening

I have learned so much from Nick and Leah. Now I want to go out for sushi to show off my new good manners (except I’m pretty sure that showing off is rude...)

Great commentary

I love the topics, hosts opinions, and how well they get along. The only con I can think of is sometimes they talk so fast my old ears can’t catch everything they say.

Thank you!

So many people these days don’t practice good manners...maybe they were never taught? Thanks for bringing etiquette rules to the masses, and for making us laugh along the way!

An absolute delight!

Nick and Leah are a wonderfully fun duo. My husband and I chuckle along to their breezy humor and practical advice while we make dinner together. Everyone simply must listen to this podcast, or risk behaving as if they were... raised by wolves!

At times condescending

I’m someone who enjoys learning about the right way vs wrong way, but at times our host takes a condescending tone. This spoiled episode 2 for me. A little more empathy for the rest of us who don’t read etiquette books for fun would be appreciated.

I've found my wolf pack!

Thanks for this refreshing new take on the classic advice column format for the podcast generation! Nick and Leah provide practical advice for the socially challenged in a very entertaining and constructive manner without being mean. Keep up the great work. The world needs more of your advice!

Need more episodes

Great show. Just need more episodes and need to be released on a more frequent basis.

Great, but more frequently, please!

Love this podcast so far—so helpful! But I’d love to see it done weekly, two weeks just seems so long to wait, haha

Makes me smile

Funny, entertaining and informative! Thoroughly enjoy this podcast. Find myself smiling as I’m working out and listening


The best!!!

A Polite and Pleasant Surprise

Stumbled on this podcast in the "New and Upcoming" section and I already love it. Modern etiquette feels in short supply but there's not a new set of guiding principles to dictate things like "how soon to text back" or "double-dipping" -- think Emily Post meets Amber Rose. I love Nick and Leah's situational advice -- even if they aren't things I can directly relate to they fascinate me regardless. (I actually was a frequent opera-goer a few years ago and they mentioned ettiquette rules that even I was unaware's okay to boo at the opera, technically?) Can't wait to listen to future episode topics.


I’m really looking forward to seeing how the hosts expand on the ever changing world of what is and isn’t socially acceptable. I grew up in an etiquette obsessed household so this show is already fantastic to me! And my god, can we talk more about flip flops? Bleh!

More, please!

A fun podcast that discusses the timeless topics of kindness and good manners. Loved it! Can’t wait for more.

Don't miss this! Witty - erudite - a PodCast for our times!

Subsribe to this excellent Podcast for a look at life's social conundrums, and a look outside the tent of ME ME ME. Enter the world of US - all of us - as the fast paced, erudite and witty Mr Leighton and his team of guests survey the things we do (and shouldn't do) to make getting along with our fellow citizens fun and fabulous. I can't wait for an episode on shared spaces where the masses are thrust together - such as hotel and airport lounges. Bring on the next edition!

Fun, light hearted, informative

I love the first episode. You’re saying what we all think OR do. Keep them coming ♥️