Cross Promotions

Hello there! We’re delighted you’re considering doing a cross-promotion with us! (We’d send you a hand-written thank you note on our custom stationery if we had your address.)

Here are some examples of our host-read cross-promotions we've done for other shows:

"No Stupid Questions" (Frekanomics)

"Why Won't You Date Me with Nicole Byer" (Team Coco)

"Savage Lovecast"

"I'm Sorry" (Lemonada)

We typically trade:

-Host-read (by us) or pre-taped (by you)

-Midroll spot

-0:30, 0:45, or 1:00 in length

-Up to 60k impressions

For your host-read ad for us, here are some bullet points about our show:
  • The show is called “Were you raised by wolves?”

  • You can listen to our show here.

  • You can get a good visual sense of our tone and approach on our Instagram.

  • It’s hosted by Nick Leighton (LAY-ton) (Emmy® Award-winning journalist) and Leah Bonnema (BON-neh-mah) (acclaimed comedian and writer). Click here to hear the hosts pronounce their names.

  • It’s about etiquette and manners

  • It’s hilarious, fast-paced, and delightful

  • It's one of the most popular podcasts in the "Society & Culture" category

  • Each week, Nick and Leah tackle etiquette conundrums big and small - from people who ghost to the “proper” way to eat Cheetos.

  • Listeners from all over the world also send in their own etiquette questions, vents, and repents.


Example script:

If you like our show, then you’ll absolutely want to check out “Were You Raised By Wolves?,” a show that’s all about etiquette, manners, and beyond. It’s hilarious, fast-paced, and definitely not what you think of when you hear “etiquette podcast.”

Each week, Nick Leighton - an Emmy® Award-winning journalist - and Leah Bonnema - an acclaimed comedian and writer - tackle all of life’s tricky situations and help everyone glide through every social situation with confidence.

From what to do if you’re ghosted to the proper way to eat Cheetos, Nick and Leah have got you covered.

[Host can give some examples from their own experience about people who have done rude things to them and how it made them feel or share a moment when they weren’t quite sure what the right etiquette thing to do might be.]

So, please check out “Were You Raised By Wolves?” at or wherever you get your podcasts.