WERE YOU RAISED BY WOLVES? is the show that helps you avoid being the odd man out, the wallflower, pariah, or “that guy” in the “Do you believe that guy?” Whether you were born with a silver spoon in your mouth or you use a silver spoon to serve caviar (ew!), WERE YOU RAISED BY WOLVES? will teach you the rules of the game to avoid embarrassment and get ahead. Each episode, Nick Leighton, Leah Bonnema, and their guests show listeners how proper behavior can help you smoothly glide through any situation, win friends, and influence people. No matter where you come from or what group you hang with, WERE YOU RAISED BY WOLVES? will help you be a better person...or at least make people think you are, which is all that really matters anyway.


NICK LEIGHTON is a two-time Emmy® Award-winning journalist (we're as surprised as anyone), originally from a small hippie commune in Northern California.

Photo by Eben Hall

LEAH BONNEMA may or may not have actually been raised by wolves in a small town in Maine. Today, you can find her doing stand-up on stages and on televisions across the United States.

Photo by Mike Byrk

Producer & Editor: Nick Leighton

Theme Song: Rob Paravonian