Were You Raised By Wolves?

A little levity for our tumultous times

I love this podcast! Nick and Lea have brought humor, comfort and fun pertinent info during the often mundane but sometimes sad days of the pandemic and recent current events. I started listening a few weeks ago and have enjoyed many of their past episodes as well as their current ones. Their amusing and insightful observations are a great way sooth my sometimes reeling mind and remind me of the fun and fabulousness of everyday life challenges. They also remind me that I am not crazy when I often think "What is wrong with that person?!?!?!?" Thank you Nick and Leah. You two are GEMS!

So thank you the laughs and for helping us all be a little kinder and more polite. You two are both gems!

Most sincerely,


March 2, 2022 by Chef Rosie Rose on Apple Podcasts

Were You Raised By Wolves?