Be Our Guest

You are cordially invited to join us as a guest on our show!


Here are some frequently asked questions about being a guest:

What's your show all about?
It's a weekly advice show about etiquette and manners. It's fast-paced, fun, and light-hearted.

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Who are the hosts?
Nick Leighton is a two-time Emmy® Award-winning talk show host and journalist. Leah Bonnema is an acclaimed comedian (“Late Show with Stephen Colbert”).

How much time will this take?
About 20 minutes. 

Where does this happen?
Anywhere convenient for's all remote over Zoom.

What segments can I join for?
You can either join for Questions from the Wilderness or you can play Vent or Repent with us. For the Questions segment, there will be three listener-submitted questions and we'll give them to you in advance. For Vent or Repent, you'll need to prepare a short anecdote about a time when someone did something rude to you (Vent) or a time when you made an etiquette mistake (Repent).